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ENG 101 Daily Schedule: Tentative Schedule of Readings and Assignments
This schedule is subject to change (changes will be announced in class or online, and it is your responsibility to keep up with them). Always check WebBoard for assignments. Word Version

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Week 1

8/26 Course introduction: Course Policy / Syllabus. Discussion: goals and expectations, intro to WebBoard

WebBoard Instructions: http://www.asu.edu/clas/english/webboard/documents.html

8/28 click to enter webboard Due: Field trip assignment. Workshop: "What is a Public space"

Before Class Read: RC Course Policy / SyllabusRC, (Reading Culture) p. 1-4, 19-27 (reading strategies), p. 271-282, 308-312

9/1 Last day of Drop / Add (Sundial only)

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Week 2

9/2 No Class: Labor Day

9/4 click to enter webboardWorkshop: "Possible Public Spaces" "Assignment One" "Heuristics for Assignment 1"

Before Class Read: Assignment One, Heuristics for Assignment 1,

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Week 3

9/9 Work on Assignment One, Description 1. Develop more evaluation heuristics. Using Emma to store files

Before Class Read: RC mall articles p. 283-292, Skim: RC "Fortress Los Angeles: The Militarization of Urban Space" p. 292-298

9/11 click to enter webboardDue: Description 1 & 2. Workshop: "Fortress Los Angeles: The Militarization of Urban Space" Heuristics for Analysis.
Peer review: Description 1 & 2

Before Class Read: RC "Fortress Los Angeles: The Militarization of Urban Space" p. 292-298

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Week 4

9/16 Due: Evaluation & Analysis. Workshop: LA articles-point of view, Manet Site. MS Word Reviewing
Peer Review: Evaluation & Analysis

Before Class Reading: RC "Signs from the Heart: California Chicano Murals" p. 299-308

9/18 click to enter webboardDue: Complete Draft. MS Word Reviewing
Peer review: Complete draft

9/20 Unrestricted Withdrawal Deadline

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Week 5

9/23 Due: polished draft. Workshop: Visual Culture p.308-310, Review of Conducting Research in Easy Writer p. 140-149

Read around

9/25 click to enter webboardDiscuss: assignment / workshops. Workshop: Heuristics for assignment 2, Discuss reading, Find an interview you like/didn't like, think about the reasons for your reactions. Post link to interview and your reactions on WebBoard.

Some sites with interviews: NPR | Eonline | Village Voice | New Times | ASU State Press

Before Class Read: Assignment 2, RC "Intro to History," p. 415-417

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Week 6

9/30 Discuss: interviews. Oral history exercise in class, students interview each other.

Before Class Read: RC "Conducting Interviews" p.16-18, Easy Writer p.150-161

ASU Library resources page

10/2 click to enter webboardDue: Preliminary Research. Workshop: family history/photograph. Workshop: Oral History & reading

Before Class Read: RC "'The Hook' and Other Teenage Horrors" p.324-333RC Oral History p.484-486

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Week 7

10/7 Due: Interview write-up. Discuss: questions for analyzing data/heuristics
Peer review: interview write-up

On-Line Resources on Tempe History | AZ Republic's Tempe section | Evaluating online sources | Web Evaluation

10/9 click to enter webboardDue: summary of reading

Before Class Read: RC "'Indians': Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History" p.427-441

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Week 8

10/14 Due: History. Workshop: questions to ask during peer review
Peer review of history paper

10/16 click to enter webboardDue: Question 2 from reading

Before Class Reading: reread RC "'Indians': Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History" p.427-441

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Week 9

10/21 Due: Complete draft. Workshop/Peer review of complete draft MS Word Reviewing , Glossing papers

10/23 click to enter webboardMore Peer Review, Glossing papers

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Week 10

10/28 Due: Polished Draft. Read Around, Culture log, Look over Assignment 3

10/30 click to enter webboardWorkshop: Key Issues. Discussion: Assignment 3

Before Class Reading: RC "What High School Is" p. 110-117

11/1 Restricted Course Withdrawal Deadline

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Week 11

11/4 Due: Description of Issues, Discuss: Reading

Before Class Read: RC "Split at the Root: An Essay on Jewish Identity" (in PDF) Get Acrobat for Free (in Word)

11/6 click to enter webboard Due: Positions. Discuss: Dominant Cultural Issues, Workshop: Positions

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Week 12

11/11 No Class - Veterans Day

11/13 click to enter webboardWork on paper

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Week 13

11/18 Troubleshoot papers, discuss reading

Before Class Read: RC "Announcing a Public Campaign Against Select Day-time Television Talk shows," "How Jenny Jones Saved My Life. Why William Bennett is Wrong about Trash TV" and "Bring in the Noise" p. 23-37

11/20 click to enter webboardDue: First Complete Draft. Peer Review: First Draft MS Word Reviewing

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Week 14

11/25 Due: Second Complete Draft. Peer Review: Second Draft MS Word Reviewing

11/27 click to enter webboard Due: Polished Draft. Read Assignment 4

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Week 15

12/2 Due: Read and gloss polished draft of Assignment 1. Bring all work related to Assignment 1 to class.
New reader peer review of As. 1. Discussion: As. 1 vs. As 4

12/4 click to enter webboardDue: Draft of Revision & Description. Peer Review: Draft of Revision & Description. Workshop (memory and revision)

Review course goals and objectives

12/4 Restricted Complete Withdrawal Deadline

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Week 16

12/9 Read Around, Last day of Class!

12/11 Finals Week: No Class

12/12 click to enter webboardDue: Polished Draft of Assignment Four

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Week 17

12/16 Finals Week: No Class

12/18 click to enter webboardDue: Reflection Letter. Have a great winter break!

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