English 200 at Arizona State University

Professor Mark Lussier

Technology Instructor Bruce Matsunaga

Arizona State University: Spring 1997

Course Description:

This course is a slight modification of the "normal" English 200 course, yet the primary goals for the course remain the same: to introduce students to literary genres, to introduce students to modes of textual analysis (i.e. Literary theory), and to hone critical skills. However, this course will also introduce students to the methods of conducting literary research, with the closing segment of the course dedicated to relating new computer technologies to traditional methods for critical analysis and critical writing. The reading load will be rigorous yet fair, and the writing demands will be appropriate for entry-level English majors.


Abcarian & Klotz, ed. Literature: The Human Experience

Delany and Landow, Hypermedia and Literary Studies

Course Requirements:

There will be no examinations in this class, since the primary aim for the course is to encourage the development of analytic skills as these apply to literary study. There will be three short essays (one for each genre) and a terminal computer based research project.

Class Reading List and Computer-Based Project Page.

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