Online ENG 201: World Literature (Classical to Renaissance):

The Question of Heroism

Course Requirements: (Explained below)

Class Participation, which includes the following:


1). Daily postings to discussion board--due daily by 9:00pm (AST)*

2). Periodic quizzes on readings


3 short 2-3 page response papers--due on assigned due date by 9:00pm (AST)*


Comprehensive Final Exam


*Note: Late postings and response papers will not receive credit. Late papers will be docked one-third letter grade per calendar day late. Please beware of the time difference between wherever you are and Arizona Standard Time (for example, if it's 6:00pm in New York, it's 3:00pm in Arizona).

Class Participation (30%): Since this course will be conducted online, class participation is essential for generating productive discussions related to the readings and lectures.

Daily Postings: Each student must participate in the daily online discussion by posting thoughtful (that is, analytical and critical) comments about the readings, themes, and lectures for the day. When responding to other students, simply agreeing or disagreeing with a "yes"/"no," "I agree"/"disagree" is not enough. Nor are emoticons sufficient means to express your intellectual opinion. (Do you really want people to judge your intellect based on your ability to make faces from punctuation?) Your postings must demonstrate that you have read and thought about the day's material. Whenever possible, you should use textual evidence when making claims or at least cite the page or line numbers you are referring to in your post.

Additionally, each student will be responsible for generating and posting a question (or questions) to the discussion board for a particular reading. You may, for example, sign-up to initiate the discussion for our reading of The Iliad. Get additional information on this requirement and sign-up for your reading under "Assignments" on the course home page.

Communication Etiquette: Remember that everyone enrolled in the course will read your discussion postings, so consider how your words may be interpreted. While you are encouraged to explore your opinions on the readings and lectures, you will be expected to hold those opinions responsibly, keeping in mind how they will affect others. In other words, use discretion and respect when posting. The same applies when emailing fellow students or the instructor.

I will monitor the daily postings to make sure everyone is participating and to help steer the discussions as needed. However, I will not badger you into completing your daily responses. Any student who misses more than four days of responses will receive a failing participation grade.

Quizzes: Short answer quizzes will be given periodically to keep you honest and up-to-date on the readings. Quizzes will be announced the morning of and will be available online for a limited amount of time. Quizzes can be accessed through the "Assignments" section of the course home page.

3 Short Response Papers (40%)*: †These 2-3 page writing projects are designed to help strengthen your literary analysis skills and to allow you to make connections between the literature we are reading and current events.† Short response papers must be received through Blackboard's Drop Box by 9:00p.m. AST on date due. Short response guidelines are available under "Assignments" on the course home page. All late papers will be docked one-third letter grade per calendar day late. Student papers will be expected to follow the guidelines for formatting and citation found in the ASU Department of English Guide to Style or the MLA Handbook.

Plagiarism: Knowingly presenting another person's language or ideas as your own constitutes plagiarism. Donít do it. Repercussions may include failure of the paper, failure of the course, referral to the Student Conduct Committee of the University, and possible expulsion from the University. For more information, see the ASU Student Code of Conduct† (especially, E-10 and F-1).

Comprehensive Final Examination (30%)*: All students will be asked to write a comprehensive essay final examination, which will be available the day of the exam under the "Assignments" section of the course homepage. There will be no make-up examinations.

*Note: To pass this class, you must submit all short response papers and the comprehensive final exam.