ENGLISH 222: Survey of British Literature II
Instructor: Bruce Matsunaga
Class Line # 58231
Meets daily @ 11:20-1:00

OFFICE HRS: Monday and Thursday from 2:00-3:00 pm.
PHONE: 965-3884
E-MAIL: bhm@asu.edu

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Exams (35%): your exams will be in-class and composed of identification and short essay questions. Please bring a bluebook or two. The exams that I give are typical of those you will face as an English major in our department. They will also help prepare you for the kind of questions that could be in the subject GRE. Exams are probably less painful in a summer course than having you do three critical essays.

Author Presentation (10%): (Click to Download in Word) In this assignment, you will give a ten-minute presentation to the class on an author that is in the NA. I would prefer that you do an author that is not on the syllabus, but you may choose to present an author that we have not covered yet. If you decide to do an author that we are covering, I will assume that you are somewhat knowledgeable on that author's scheduled material. Try to include some of the author's well-known works and how he/she fits into (or doesn't fit) their period. You should reference at least one outside work (Internet sources are fine). You will also hand in a 1-2 page report/outline that summarizes your presentation.

Critical Essay (25%): (Click to Download in Word) Directions: These papers should be 5-7 pages in length (12-pt font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins) and should make a persuasive argument for your thesis and cite enough evidence to support your claims. Remember: these are only suggested topics. You will need to find an issue worth arguing that is related to the topic you choose. If you can frame that issue as a question, your thesis can be the general answer to that question. You may consult fellow students or me with sample thesis statements if you wish to receive some feedback before you write your papers.

Cite page numbers in novels and line numbers for poetry in parentheses in the body of your paper using MLA style. We will assume that you are citing the edition of the book we have ordered for this class. If you make use of any secondary sources, including online sources, you must give full citations on your Works Cited page. If you are unsure about the format for online citations, go to the MLA Format and Citation Guide which is available through our class web page.

Participation (25%): in this short class, participation is very important. I will expect every student to contribute to the class on a regular basis. Since this is a hybrid class, there will be at least one prompt each week that you are required to give a thoughtful response. By thoughtful, I mean much more than just a line or two, you should be able to write one standard page. I have found that it works best when you write the response in a wordprocessing program like Word first, and then copy and paste it into WebBoard. This allows you to use Word's toolset and prevents lost writing due to a computer crash or disconnection.