Romanticism as Praxis 

The 2006 International Conference on Romanticism

November 9th – 12th

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ



Plenary Speakers

"Transplanted Natures"
Alan Bewell
University of Toronto

"Romantic Practices -- Practicing Romanticism"
Stephen Behrendt
University of Nebraska

Special Session Organizers

“Revolutionary Romanticism, Victorian Conservatism.”
Daniel Bivona, Arizona State University

“The Persistence of Romantic Landscape Aesthetics”
Julie Codell, Arizona State University
Julie.Codell@asu.edu - This session is full

“Romantic Collaborations”
Jeffrey Cox, University of Colorado

“Romantic Praxis and Pedagogy”
Julie Kipp, Hope College

“Feminist Praxis: Gender and the Engagement of Women Writers
 with Race and Sex”
Anne K. Mellor, UCLA

“Romantic Colonial Explorations”
Beth Tobin, Arizona State University

"Current Issues in Romanticism in Music"
Ted Solis, Arizona State University
Ted.Solis@ASU.Edu - This session is full

“Romantic Gothicism”
Session in Memory of Eugenia DeLamotte
Anne Williams, University of Georgia

General Call for Papers

While Romanticism is generally discussed as a period of literature, it can equally be viewed as mode and a practice. As the phrase "Engaged Romanticism" suggests, this year's conference will focus on activist dimension of Romanticism as it sought to transform the public sphere through its engagements with, and commitments to, matters artistic, musical, philosophical, poetic, political, and/or theological. As well, the conference seeks to explore the ways that Romantic Studies itself pursues analogous forms of engagement with the world.

The conference organizers encourage respondents to imagine the broadest possible interpretation of this year's thematic. The conference organizer is Mark Lussier, Department of English, Arizona State University , Tempe , AZ 85287-0302 , and contact can be initiated by e-mail at mark.lussier@asu.edu

Abstracts, Papers, and Session Proposals
Submitted by March 1, 2006

General Submissions to Mark Lussier,
Conference Organizer

Papers for Special Sessions
Submitted to Session Organizers