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A Couple of Really Cool Shakespeare Links.

The Shakespeare Homepage at MIT is an excellent place to catch up on your Shakespeare.

Another fantastic site is the Shakespeare Web. It has lots of fun Shakespeare stuff and information on Shakespeare companies, festivals and productions.

Visit my favorite, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Medieval, Renaissance, and Restoration sites

Try out The Edmund Spencer Home Page at The University of Oregon.

Another useful Renaissance Site is Project Aldus at John Hopkins University.

See what's new at The Milton Quarterly.

Another good Milton source is The Milton-L Page.

Be sure to check out the latest in The Electronic Beowulf in the UK and at The University of Kentucky.

English Romanticism

Try out the new Romanticism On the Net Page.

I can't leave out my main man, John Keats. O Keats, your name was not writ in water!

Check out the Keats - Shelley Journal and read why I believe To Autumn is the most perfect short poem in the English Language.

Here are two fantastic sites on William Blake: The Archive and Urizen.

One can't forget the egotistical sublime himself, William Wordsworth.

While you're here, check out some of the New and Forthcoming Scholarly Texts in Romantic Literature.

General English Resources

The Modern Language Association of America Page.

Here is a easy to use MLA Style Guide.

Here is another good MLA Style Guide.

Also check out Project Bartleby which is the self-proclaimed library of the 'Net!

Also good, but really slow isThe English Server at CMU.

The University of Toronto has a great site for poetry and Renaissance material.

Literary Works is a good reference page with lots of links.

If you are looking to buy a book, try Dillions Bookstore

One of the most famous bookstores, Blackwell's is On-line.


The Freud Archives is a good place to start.

Lacanian Links anyone?

An essay by Douglas A. Davis "Oedipus Redivivus Freud, Jung and Psychoanalysis"

Another essay by Douglas A. Davis, "Writing Freud"

Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website has information on the Frankfurt School.

The British Psychoanalytical Society & Institute of Psychoanalysis

The William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology

Other Favorites

See why I got into Literature in the first place at The Tolkien FAQ Page.

Learn more about that Nature guy, Thoreau

Find out what happened today at the Literary Hyper-Calendar

Here is an interesting new poetry, prose, and art journal: POEPHYSICS.

Is a great resource for Sixteenth - Seventeenth Century Literature. They also have a great quick-list of Academic Discussion Groups & Internet News Groups.

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