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Personal Home Pages seem self-indulgent, but this is my 15 minutes. So hang on!

My English Page

Since I am an Ph.D. English student at Arizona State University, check out some of my favorite authors on the 'Net. I did my undergraduate work at California State University Stanislaus, and I grew up in the Modesto area.

Right now I am a Teaching Associate for English 101, and I am a Research Assistant for the upcoming NASSR (North American Society for Romanticism) 2000 Conference "Romanticism and the Physical."

Way back when, I was a Teaching Assistant for The Interdisciplinary Humanities Program's 301/302: Humanities in the Western World - Cities and Cultures class. I was also the Technology Instructor for English 200. You can also view the page I do for the Graduate Scholars of English Association.

My Wine and Food Page Wine and Food is an essential part of life in my world. Check out my instructional web unit on Ordering wine without fear.

I love movies, so check out my favorite Movies and Television Shows.

My Music Page
is simply the most talented singer/songwriter in
music today.

Important Issues These are the issues of our time.

Of course, no Web site would be complete without the monster: We are Microsoft, prepare to be assimilated.

But, give the competition its due. Novell made WordPerfect 6.1, well perfect. Now they have sold it to Corel. The new version of WordPerfect works like a charm.

ZD Net

Need computer advice? Go to the experts at ZDNet for problem solving, current computer related events, product advice, downloads, and more.

My 15 minutes are almost up, I know. But before I go, here's a little stuff and nonsense.

Web Jock and avid bodybuilder Bruce Matsunaga

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