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Ringo, 5-year old neutered male gray/white, adopted August 2008.


Nicky, 5-year old neutered male Nebelung or long-hair Russian Blue, adopted June 2008.

Junior, long-hair tuxedo male kitten, adopted March 2008.

One month old female tabby kitten Barbara Ann, adopted Nov. 2007.

Tiger, 5-year old neutered male brown tabby, adopted Sept. 2007.


Pablo, Marcie and Vickie, adopted February  2007

Smudgy, adopted December 2006.

Marie and Sandy, two 4-month old female calico tabby kittens, adopted  October 2006.

Two of four kittens Malcolm (second from left) and Max (foreground) adopted Sept 2006

       Tio (Adopted August 2006) 

Mario the Siamese settling in his newly adopted home with his new friends (July, '06)

Mamacat and her five kittens relaxing on campus (July, 2006)

Tracy, Russian blue male. Rescued May 2006.

A short-haired female kitten.  Sassy is very playful and has siblings also needing foster.


 Calypso                                                   Raider


Brady and Benny (male tabby), Georgia (female tabby) and Ginny (female Siamese), adopted January 2006


Peter Pan, 3-month old kitten, being cared for by Cuddles, his new foster parent. (Aug. '05)

   Landau, Russian Blue, adopted August '05.

Cali, adopted April 2005


From left to right, Furano (male), Appi (male), Niseko (female) and Teine (female, in basket). Sept.'05.

One of the homeless female cats on campus (April, 2005)

Pecan (orange male) and Nebula (tortie female) belong to an ASU staff
member who was suddenly stricken by a serious illness in spring '04.  They
are now being fostered until their owner recovers and is able to take care
of them again

Three kittens, Andrei, Amelia and Anita (from left to right), were rescued from the basement of an ASU building under rennovation.  They have now been adopted out to a loving home. (July '04).

Arthur on ASU campus, April 2004

Shamu relaxing in her adopted home (Jan. '04). She had a litter of 6 kittens before being rescued and  spayed.

Whitey the part-Siamese in his newly adopted home after being a stray for a number of years (Jan. '04)

    Rocky (Nov. '04)

    Norman (Nov. '04)

   Two Kities (Nov. '04)

   Jimmy, adopted Nov. '04

Connie, Kontiki and Chiwa [formerly Clare] (from left to right), adopted Nov. '04


                                           Huple,                       Lattie, adopted Nov. '04


                                         Bonnie           &       Clyde, adopted Nov. '04

Ginger   &   Skyy , adopted Nov. '04


Francesca, 3-month old spayed female kitten, rescued from inside the ASU
Family Resources Building (adopted August '04)

     Java, calico female (adopted August '04)

Lawson, 15-pound neutered declawed male (adopted July '04)

    Reggie and Nip (adopted July '04)

   String and Ricky (adopted July '04)

                    Billy (adopted July '04)

              Tasha II (adopted July '04)

                   Apollo, adopted May '04

Princess, part-Siamese spayed female, 1.5 years old, adopted May '04


Billie Jean, 7-month old spayed female, adopted May '04

  Daisy, calico female adopted April '04

Cuddles, tabby neutered male adopted April '04


Billy (lower) and his sister Natasha (upper), adopted April '04

Coolio, 5-year old black male adopted April '04

               Sharpie, black male kitten adopted April '04

   Kahlua, black female adopted March '04

Pinkie, 9-week old female (March '04)

Queenie, long-hair black female adult (March '04)

Tamika (left) and Tristan (right), 6-month old kittens, adopted Feb. '04

    Lucky, 4-month old b/w male (Feb. '04)

  Vega, 2-month old calico female (Feb. '04)

       Neon, (male, 4 months old)

        Fire, (male, 4 months old)

Bella enjoying Christmas in her new home (Dec. '03)


Christmas '03 in a member's household. On one couch is Reno, Dharma, Greg and Phillip. On the other couch is Terrence. Phillip and Terrence were rescued near ASU campus in July '03.



            Grown-up Izzy in his adopted home      Playful China Doll in her adopted home




         Terri, TNR July '03



  Midnight, adopted March 2003



Halley (formerly Petie) relaxing in her adopted home with Simon (gray) and Tinkerbell (white, behind Halley), Feb. 2003.





Max was adopted January 2003.





 Tippy Tap was abandoned by some ASU students. She was adopted in December 2002.





Ira (right) in his adopted home with a new   friend (Oct. '02).






Abby (tabby female) was TNRed in
Nov. '02 while Amy (tuxedo kitten) is waiting to be adopted.



From left to right, Oreo,
Twinkie (both adopted Jan. '04), and Cupcake (adopted Dec. '03).

Suzie Blue, One year old Female (adopted Jan. '04)

      Pumpkin, 8 weeks old male (adopted Jan. '04)

      Trish (1-year old female, adopted Dec. '03)

     Leo, 2-year old male (Dec. '03)

        Mocha, tortie female (Dec. '03)

  Juliet, one-year old female, adopted November '03

Wizard (black, male) and Boo (b/w, female), adopted November '03


Copper, 4 months old male,  adopted October '03

  Coal, 4 months old male, adopted October '03

Houdini, 5-year old male adopted October '03

   Bella, adopted October '03

             Felicity (left) and Felix (right) (Aug. '03)

Betty, adopted July '03


                   Terrance                   and                   Phillip, both adopted July '03

    Izzy, adopted June '03

  China Doll, adopted May '03


adopted in April 2003:


               Annabella                             Amy                                    Andy

    Meg, adopted March 2003

  Mimi, adopted March 2003

  Max, adopted January 2003

 Tasha, adopted November 2002

  Morrie, adopted November 2002

   Petie, adopted November 2002

  Ira,  adopted 10/2/02

Felicity, adopted 8/8/02


  adopted 7/15/02

(Sept. '02) 2 months after his adoption (left) and in October '03 (right)


   adopted 6/27/02  


(Sept. '02), 3 months after his adoption


Star, an orange/white cat, was rescued from the attic of Cholla Apartments on 9/10/02.  How he ended up there nobody knew.  Fortunately there is a happy ending to poor Starís ordeal.  He has been adopted by a Mildcats member and he is living happily in his new home. 



Star in the cat carrier after being neutered.  Note that his third eyelids were visible,  a common occurrence after anesthesia or if a cat is not feeling well.



Star hiding under the bed after being rescued. 





Star with his new friend Roo (tabby) in his adopted home (Feb. '03).





Simon (l) and Peekaboo (r). Simon was trapped and altered in Spring of 1997. Soon thereafter the rest of his colony (~12 cats) was trapped by ASU. Peekaboo was trapped and altered in the spring of 1994.



Mr. Gold


Mr. Gold recovering after surgery (Feb. 2002).


Mr. Gold back at his normal surroundings (July 2002).



Oliver (black) with his sister "Jasmine". Trapped, altered and adopted out: Spring 1993. Their mon was taken to "Best Friends" while another sibling "Twinkie" was adopted out.



 "Snowball", Trapped, altered and adopted out: Spring 1994  



These 4 kittens were rescued on campus in October 2001. The top 2 kittens were adopted out. The bottom two kittens are Tiger (left) and Hodge Podge (right).


Tiger as he appears in April  2002           Hodge Podge as she appears in April 2002

These 2 mother-and-son tuxedo cats, Domino and Sidney, are the longest surviving TNR cats on campus. They were trapped and altered in 1997, but they were fed daily 2 years before that. They are still fed daily and are as healthy as ever.

   Toby, adopted 7/27/02                                   



Mia rescued on ASU campus June 16th  '02 and adopted out June 24th.



Mia, 3 months after her adoption.  Mia and Barnaby (above) are sister and brother from the same litter.



Mia now lives with me in my country, Germany. She chases mice, frogs and whatever else attracts her attention. She doesn't mind the snow and rain and despite her small size knows no fear.

Raven (TNR Feb. 2002): Relaxing somewhere on campus July 2002.

Two halfway homes for campus cats to recover after surgery prior to being released or adopted.

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