Here is some fun stuff

The Dilbert Zone It's better than working!

Got time? Get Culture at the Museum of Modern Art.

Jeff Ritchie is one of my oldest and dearest friends in AZ.

Professor John Lynch is one of my drinking buddies here.

Luis Morales is another of my buddies.

Dmitri Segal is yet another buddy of mine.

Eric Waggoner is one multi-talented, guitar playing, scary smart mother #$#@%!

Say Hi to My Web Friend Nancy at the University of Colorado.

Check out Hot, Web Queen Tabatha Holtz up in the Great White North.

You simply must surf The Enhanced for Netscape Hall of Shame.

Take a look at Local and Global Weather.

Nosey? Check out The Smoking Gun.

Or check out the Unknown Psychic's Help Page.

Internet Dating? Try Face to Face.