We proudly present SBP09 student travel awardees in the following categories.
The awards are made possible due to kind support and sponsorship by  AFOSR, AFRL, ONR, NSF  and NIH.

Student-Author Awardees
Babatunde Olubando Industrial, Manufacturing & Information Engineering Morgan State University
Karsten Steinhaeuser Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Notre Dame
Nika Kabiri Department of Sociology University of Washington
Shade T Shutters School of Life Sciences Arizona State University
Shuyuan Mary Ho School of Information Studies Syracuse University
Zheshen Wang Department of Computer Science and Engineering Arizona State University

Postdoctoral-Author Awardees
Vadas Gintautas Center for Nonlinear Studies Los Alamos National Laboratory
Yasmin Said Department of Computational and Data Sciences George Mason University

Student-Participant Awardees
Courtney D Corley Computer Science and Engineering University of North Texas
Kun (Maggie) Hu Industrial and Systems Engineering Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Sally Olderbak Department of Psychology University of Arizona
Shannon Smith Department of Exercise, Nutrition and Wellness Arizona State University
Sindhu Anand Department of Bioengineering Arizona State University
Tawandra L. Rowell School of Social Policy & Practice University of Pennsylvania

Supported by: AFOSR, AFRL, and ONR; Sponsored by NSF, and NIH.