John Beck, born 1630 married Mary ---------- Two of his sons were John and Edward. John and Edward Beck emigrated to Kent County Maryland in 1860. They were Quakers.

Edward Beck, died 1724 (brother of John) married Ann Pullin, daughter of Richard Pullin of Cecil County, will registered on 4/2/1688. Immigrated to Cecil County in 1760, establishing properties at (or named) "Long Compton", "Barton" and" Reserve", the latter on a branch of Fendals Creek.

Children of Edward and Ann Beck:

Caleb b. 10/9/1700 m. Sarah Miller

Joshua b. March 1704 m. Martha Green on 6/12/1722

Aquilla b. 4/16/1707 m. Jane Meeks on 7/31/1730

Rebecca, b. 12/10/1710

Ann , b. 5/2/1693 m. James Corse, Jr 3/23/1710

Rosamund b. 7/5/1695, d. 1754 m. Francis Lamb, April 1714

Ledia Read, b. Feb 21, 1699, m. John Ralls Sr on 8/28/1723

Edward Jr.

John Beck, brother of Edward, born 1660, died 1733 married Mary Hoover


John b. 11/13/1686

Edward b. 9/19/1684

Mary b. 2/2/1691

Mathew b. 2/13/1688

Rebeccah b. 2/23/1698, d. 10/31/1704

William, b. 11/7/1694, d. 1765

Edward b. 1684-died April 15, 1740 married Ann.

Children of Edward and Ann Beck:

Alexander died 4/3/1740, married Susanna Miller. Children: Elizabeth

John was a Quaker, who died 3/25/1748. He lived at "Beck's Addition" in Queen Anne County, Maryland. He married Sophia King and had 4 children:

Children of John and Sophia King Beck:

John W. b. 1746 d. 1816 m. Rebeccah Miller

*James b. 1736 m. Rebecca Walker

*Edward d. 4/15/1790 m. Martha ____

Sarah m. John Turner

*Alexander b. 1739 m. Mary Mackemie

Elizabeth Beck married Nathaniel Miller (see Miller page)

*James Beck, born 1736,married Rebecca Walker on 6/23/1761 and moved to Ohio County Va. in 1777. Sons named Samuel and James.

*Edward Beck Died 4/15/1790 He married Martha. When he died Martha married Lovering Merritt.

*Alexander Beck, moved to Brooke Co. VA in 1779, then moved to Adams Co. Ohio and lived on his brother Johnís land. When John died, Alexander inherited the land in West Union, Adams Co. Ohio. He swapped 150 acres to Nathaniel Massie for 150 acres on Paint Creek in Buckskin Township, Ross County, Ohio. This land was sold to William Ritchie. Alexander married Mary Makemie on November 28, 1804.

John W. Beck married Rebekkah Ann Miller (1762-1853) June 13, 1784. Rebecca and John moved to Ohio County Va. in 1775. He was an officer in the Virginia Contenental Line. John Beck served as a volunteer in Lord Dunmore's War and then joined the regular Army with Colonal John Gibson's Virginia Regiment. He also served for some time at Fort Pitt and was with General McIntosh when the fort was built. Captain Beck commanded the Fort at Wheeling for nine months and the Fort at Holliday's cove during a summer. On December 31, 1782 when John left the Army he took five years full pay from the Government rather than half-pay for life. In 1785 he filed for 890 acres on Buffalo Creek.

Children of John and Rebekkah:

Elizabeth 3/9/1785-9/15/1796

Mary 10/8/1786-9/23/1843 m. Rev. Simon Lauck

Rebecca 12/14/1788-11/23/1821 m. Garrett Byrnes

John Wesley 7/4/1791-3/10/1872 m. Elizabeth Cox

Alexander Miller 3/16/1793-4/8/1798

William Fletcher 10/20/1795-6/1/1868 m. Elizabeth McFadden,then Sarah Ann Counselman

Francis Asbury 9/3/1797-8/9/1853 Never married, inherited 150 acres in Adams Co. Ohio.

George Washington 8/3/1799-6/11/1806

James Armenias 5/11/1801-8/26/1802

Susanna Miller 6/9/1803-8/26/1881 Never Married

Rachel 8/7/1806-12/26/1806

The Ohio County Court Records contain the following references to John Beck:

Order book 1, page 19

Deed from Charles Prather to John Beck for 2 lotts in Charlestown for the use of building a courthouse and prison for Brooke County is acknowledged in Court by Chris Prather to be recorded.

Order book 1, page 20

John Beck, Isaac Meek, Francis McGuire, Gentlemen, three of the commissioners authorized at last court to purchase a lott or lotts of land in Charlestown for purpose of erecting thereon a Court House and other public buildings-have made return to this Court and do report as followeth that they have purchased 2 lotts of Ground in fee from Charles Prather adjoining with Water, Liberty and Charles Street containing on Water Street seventy one feet and three quarters and Liberty Street, two hundred thirty one feet.

William Griffith

May 23, 1797

John Beck, Gentlemen came into court and produced his commission of Sheriff for County of Brooke and having taken the oath prescribed by law, entered into the following bonds, one in the sum of $30,000, payable to James Wood or his Successors for his faithful collecting of taxes and paying same into the Treasury. Also one other bond for $6,000 for his duly collecting and paying all officer fees. Also one other bond for $6,000 for his duly collecting levies and fines.

Ordered that John Goodman Young, Francis McGuire, Isaac Meek and John Beck and Richard Brown Jr be and are hereby appointed Commissioners with full authority to contract and purchase in Charlestown 2 lotts or as much ground as they think necessary to erect Public Buildings. Sheriff is to be authorized to contract for and procure a jail and stocks for public uses. William Griffith

Order Book 1, page 200, 1798

John Beck came into Court and entered his protest against the insufficiency of the jail.