I'm College Bound

General Information for ASU Students

Elementary and Junior High school children get differing amounts of encouragement to attend college. One of the goals of "I'm College Bound" is to make sure that every child sees that they can go to college too. The idea is that elementary and junior high school kids relate well to college students in a way that influences their aspirations. Basically, ASU students are better mentors than ASU faculty. We want each school kid to meet as many ASU students with different backgrounds and aspirations as possible.

In the "I'm College Bound" lessons, ASU students help the Kino students perform science activities. Kino students do the science and ASU coaches them to make connections and develop underlying science concepts. ASU brings materials, mentors, and equipment so that all the Kino students experience success in doing and discussing real science.

Currently we are working with eighth grade science classes at Kino Jr. High, on the west side of Mesa. If you want to participate, you will be asked to come to the classroom on one of the days that we visit and help run the lesson. Each lesson will have quite a lot of hands-on work for the schoolkids and we ask you to work with a small group (hopefully only one or two) of the kids. Don't worry, we don't ask you to get up in front of the class and teach. We will help you facilitate and coach the students to do the science and make discoveries.

If you come to participate, you will need to stay for one of the lesson periods. There are three each day, the actual times are a little different from day to day, but they will generally be either 9AM - 10:50AM, 10:50AM - 12:40PM and 2PM - 3:50PM, or they will be 9AM - 10:40AM, 10:40AM - 12:20PM and 12:55PM - 2:30PM. Most who participate come for one of these periods, although if you want to come for more than one that is allowed too! You will need to arrive ca. 5 minutes early. You will also need to check in at the main office. Ask them how to get to Ms. Gould's classroom, it is room number 84. Just walk right into the classroom when you get there.

When working with the kids, help them make connections by asking what, how and why things are happening. Ask all of the students in your group about their thinking. Help them towards conclusions and to explain their reasons, but don't give them the answers. When you ask questions, give them LOTS of time to answer. Allow them and give them time to think. The students will know more than they will tell you right away.

If you are interested in participating, send Dr. Gould an email at the address given on his class website.

To get to Kino from ASU, go East on University, past Mesa Drive and look for Horne, it is a light. Turn left, i.e. North on Horne and look for the school on your left. It about 2/3 of the way to Brown.

The address is 848 N. Horne Mesa, AZ 85203, and this works well in google maps.

I usually allow 30 minutes to get to Kino from ASU, but it often takes less time than that.

Deena L. Gould
Kino Junior High
Ian R. Gould
Arizona State University