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We would like to acknowledge that the listening exercise in chapter 3 was written by Professor Quang P. Van of Yale University. And the video clips for the listening activities of chapters 3, 5, and 9 were also produced by Professor Van. We appreciate Professor Van's contribution and apologize for failing to acknowledge it in the workbook.

You will need your Workbook/Laboratory Manual to work with this audio program. Please wait a few moments for the audio file to download.  There will be a slight delay if you are on a modem connection.  If you find some errors or glitches while doing these listening activities, we would appreciate you take a moment to notify the author via kim dot le at asu dot edu.

**Review chapters1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 do not have listening activities.
Chapter 2 LA #1 LA #2
  Chapter 13 LA
Chapter 3 LA

  Chapter 14 LA #A LA #B
Chapter 5 LA       Chapter 15 LA*  
Chapter 6 LA       Chapter 17 LA  
Chapter 7 LA

  Chapter 18 LA  
Chapter 9 LA #A1 LA #A2 LA #A3 LA #B Chapter 19 LA
Chapter 10 LA#A LA #B LA #C   Chapter 22 LA**
Chapter 11 LA+ *Xem phim  Dng mu anh hng (subtitles)
Without substitles

+We are sorry that the original URL for this listenig activity no longer works.
Please view this FB page instead:

*Link for the list of online media available for listening activities for this chapter.

**You can either listen to your classmate' s presentation for chapter 22 or listen to this audio file.

-the last line of page 22 in chapter #9 should be "4 phng ngủ" instead of "phng ngủ".

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