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We would like to acknowledge that the listening exercise in chapter 3 was written by Professor Quang P. Van of Yale University. And the video clips for the listening activities of chapters 3, 5, and 9 were also produced by Professor Van. We appreciate Professor Van's contribution and apologize for failing to acknowledge it in the workbook.

You will need your Workbook/Laboratory Manual to work with this audio program. Please wait a few moments for the audio file to download.  There will be a slight delay if you are on a modem connection.  If you find some errors or glitches while doing these listening activities, we would appreciate you take a moment to notify the author via kim dot le at asu dot edu.

**Review chapters1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 do not have listening activities.
Chapter 2 LA #1 LA #2   Chapter 13 LA
Chapter 3 LA   Chapter 14 LA #A LA #B
Chapter 5 LA       Chapter 15 LA*  
Chapter 6 LA       Chapter 17 LA  
Chapter 7 LA   Chapter 18 LA  
Chapter 9 LA #A1 LA #A2 LA #A3 LA #B Chapter 19 LA
Chapter 10 LA#A LA #B LA #C   Chapter 22 LA**
Chapter 11 LA+ *Xem phim  Dòng máu anh hùng (subtitles)
Without substitles

+We are sorry that the URL for this listenig activity no longer works. We are in the process of finding other online resources for this listening activities.  Please go to the following web page:

*Link for the list of online media available for listening activities for this chapter.

**You can either listen to your classmate' s presentation for chapter 22 or listen to this audio file.

-the last line of page 22 in chapter #9 should be "4 phòng ngủ" instead of "phòng ngủ".

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