GUAVAGroup of Universities for  the Advancement of Vietnamese
 in America

Proficiency Guidelines for
Teaching and Learning Vietnamese

The aim of these Proficiency Guidelines is to provide instructors of Vietnamese at the college level with standards for a Vietnamese language course at the three basic levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

These guidelines are designed to identify:
1) the topics (content) for each level;
2) the functions a learner should be able to perform after completing the course;
3) the minimum linguistic materials (grammar and usage) which should be covered at each level and
4) the accuracy a learner is expected to achieve at the end of the course and, accordingly, the errors which may occur.

These Proficiency Guidelines are intended to be used by Vietnamese language instructors to compile their curricula at their institutions, to develop teaching materials, and to conduct placement tests, achievement tests, and proficiency exams.

*Beginning Level:
Speaking Listening Writing Reading

*Intermediate Level:
Speaking Listening Writing Reading

Speaking Listening Writing Reading

The development of these guidelines is made possible by a grant from Title VI and the support of GUAVA.

Committee members:

L Phạm Thu-Kim, Arizona State University
Ng Như Bnh, Harvard University
KimLoan Hill, University of California-San Diego

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