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Practical Use of Technology in
Teaching and Learning

GUAVA Workshop at Yale University
August 12, 2010
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

co-sponsored by GUAVA & Council of SEAS at Yale
presented by
L Phạm Thy-Kim  - Arizona State University &  Nguyễn Thy Anh - University of Michigan

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Language tasks/activities/projects beginning level intermediate level advanced level
Class forum / Discussion board
Goolge Sites
Writing assignment: All about me
Google Docs
Conversational 2.0 (from MSU)
Social Network:  Facebook Group
You Tube
Nanogong info.; #2; #3
PowerPoint Presentation


Web authoring to create web pages:  NVu ; Kompozer

Top sites for creating online polls and surveys


Blogs Wiki Google Docs
Blog in plain English Wiki in plain English Google Docs in plain EN
Blog software comparison Wiki in the classroom (video clip 9:53)  How to use Google Docs (You Tube)
Wordpress vs. Blogger: Comparison Chart Using Wikis in the classroom (video clip: 3:00) 21 ways to use Google Docs 

Wordress tutorials organized by topics Wiki editing tutorial (video clip: 1:17) Google Docs: Classroom activities
Video tutorial for Wordpress PBWork Using Google Docs in classroom
Video tutorial for Blogger PBWorks User Manual: Classroom account Use Google Presentations  with chat for class presentation
Complete list of Blogger tutorials PBWorks Tutorials Google Sites
Free web blog tutorials PB Wiki tutorial video clip (7:58) Google Docs: All about me  template
Facebook PBWork Resources  All about me - Google Sites
101 Ways You Should Use Facebook in Your Classroom Comic Tour guide book- Google Sites
Creating Facebook Group  Pixton Comic Strips
Teacher's Guide to Using Facebook Comic Creator

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