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-Note:  In vowel clusters, the vowels are not always pronounced exactly the same as if the vowels were alone.

Practice 1:     i
Practice 1b:   i

Practice 2:     o
Practice 2b:   o

Practice 3
:     a
Practice 3b:   a

Practice 4:    ô
Practice 4b:   ô

Practice 5:     u
Practice 5b:   u
Practice 6:   ê
Practice 6b: ê
Practice 7:    e
Practice 7b:  e

Practice 8:    ơ
Practice 8b:  ơ

Practice 9:    ư
Practice 9b:  ư
Practice 10:   ai, ay, ây
Practice 10b: ai, ay, ây
Practice 11:   ao, au, âu
Practice 12:   eo, êu
Practice 13:   ia, iu, iêu
Practice 14:   ua,

Practice 15: oi, ôi, ơi
Practice 16: ui, ưi, uôi, ươi
Practice 17: ưu, ươu, uơ
Practice 18: oa, eo, oeo 
Practice 19: uy, uyu, uya 



Practice 20en, eng
Practice 21:
  ên, ênh, in, inh  
Practice 22an, ang, anh 
Practice 23ăn, ăng  
Practice 24ân, âng, uâng 
Practice 25ôn, ông, on, ong  
Practice 26:  ơn, un, ung, ưn, ưng  
Practice 27om, ôm, ơm 
Practice 28:  em, êm, im, iêm  
Practice 29:  at, ac, ach  
Practice 30:  ăt, ăc, ât, âc
Practice 31:  it, ich
Practice 32:  et, ec, êt, êch
Practice 33ap, ăp, âp   
Practice 34op ôp, ơp  
Practice 35oan, oang, oanh  
Practice 36oăn, oăng  

Practice 37uôm, uôm, uông  

Practice 38ươn ươm, ương
Practice 39oat, oac, oăc, oăt, oet 
Practice 40uôt, uôc, ươc, ươt  
Practice 41:  uyt, uyêt, uych, uêch 
Practice 42uynh, uyên, yên 
Practice 43:  ưc, ưt
Practice 44iêp,
iêt, iêc
Practice 45: iên, iêng


Practice 46: ng, ngh
Practice 47: n, nh
Practice 48: t, th, đ
Practice 49:  v, gi, d
Practice 50:  tr, ch
Practice 51: q, k, c


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This site would not have been possible without the creators of the brilliant suite of program called 'Hot Potatoes".

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