PRACTICE 11: AO, AU, U - ao, au, u

1. Listen to the following sounds and repeat each sound a couple times.
ao: sounds/ao.mp3
au: sounds/au.mp3
u: sounds/a6u.mp3
2. Connect the consonants c sounds/ck.mp3 and s sounds/s1.mp3 to the above sounds to form new words and repeat each word a couple times.
c + ao = cao sounds/
c + au = cau: sounds/areca.mp3
c + u = cu: sounds/fish.mp3
s + ấu = sấu: sounds/alligator.mp3
s + u = su: sounds/six.mp3
s + o = so: sounds/sao1.mp3
3. Now, listen and match the sound on the left with the spelling on the right.