PRACTICE 15: OI, ÔI, ƠI - oi, ôi, ơi


1. Listen to the following sounds and repeat each sound a couple times.
oi sounds/oi.mp3
ơi sounds/o7i.mp3
ôi sounds/o7i.mp3
2. Connect the consonants đ sounds/d9.mp3 h sounds/h.mp3
to the above sounds to form new words and repeat each word a couple times. đ + ọi = đọi sounds/hungry.mp3
đ + ội = đội sounds/carry_head.mp3
đ + ợi = đợi sounds/wait.mp3
h + ơi = hơi sounds/steam.mp3
h + ói= hói sounds/bald.mp3
h + ôi = hôi sounds/smell.mp3
3. Now, listen and match the sound on the left with the spelling on the right.