PRACTICE 16: UI, ƯI, ƯƠI - ui, ưi, ươi


1. Listen to the following sounds and repeat each sound a couple times.
ui sounds/ui.mp3
ưi sounds/u7i.mp3
ươi sounds/u7o7i.mp3
2. Connect the consonants c sounds/ck.mp3 n sounds/n.mp3 ng sounds/NG.mp3 to the above sounds to form new words and repeat each word a couple times.

núi sounds/mountain.mp3
người sounds/person.mp3
ngửi sounds/smelling.mp3
cúi sounds/bending.mp3
cưới sounds/wed.mp3
cửi sounds/loom.mp3
3. Now, listen and match the sound on the left with the spelling on the right.