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    The following series of pronunciation exercises combine words beginning with the same vowel or diphthong sound followed by similar vowel or diphthong sounds.
Practice 47  Practice 47b:   a - ă
Practice 48  Practice 48b:   ă - â
Practice 49   Practice 49b:    â - ơ
Practice 50   Practice 50b:    ê - e
Practice 51   Practice 51b:    u - ư
Practice 52   Practice 52b:    o - ô
Practice 53   Practice 52b:    ơ - ô
Practice 53   Practice 53b:    u - ơ
Practice 54   Practice 54b:    u - o - ô
Practice 55   Practice 55b:    ai - ay - ây
Practice 56  Practice 56b:    au - ao - âu
Practice 57  Practice 57b:    ui - uôi
Practice 58  Practice 58b:    uô - ươ
Practice 59  Practice 59b:    ua - ưa
Practice 60   Practice 60b:   ăn - anh
Practice 61   Practice 61b:   an - anh
Practice 62   Practice 62b:   ung - ong - ông
Practice 63   Practice 63b:    t - đ
Practice 64   Practice 64b:    t - th
Practice 65   Practice 65b:    _n - _ng
Practice 66   Practice 66b:  

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