You are at a back-to-school party. Click on the audio files to eavesdropping on some of the exchanges at the party. See if you can transcribe what you hear in all the gaps (one word per blank). Then, press "CHECK" to check your transcript. Your instructor may ask you to write the answers on a piece of paper or print out the web page to submit as homework.

*"Special" letters with diacritic marks are available on the botton of the web page for your convenience. Just click on each chosen letter when typing the script.
1. a. sounds/dict1_1a.mp3 . Kent . b. sounds/dict1_1b.mp3
bạn gái . c. sounds/dict1_1c.mp3

2. a. sounds/dict1_2a.mp3 các bạn.
b. sounds/dict1_2b.mp3
tự :
c. sounds/dict1_2c.mp3
3. a. sounds/dict1_3b.mp3 Bố , b. sounds/dict1_3c.mp3 mẹ .

4. a. sounds/dict1_4a.mp3 . : b. sounds/dict1_4b.mp3 Long, .

5. a. sounds/dict1_5a.mp3 .