CHAPTER 12 - AT THE SHOP: Shopping


Click on the RED button to record your saying

1. Click on the NEXT button to START
2. Click on the PLAY button (triangle) to listen to the pronunciation of each word/phrase.
3. Be sure to repeat each word/phrase out loud for a couple times.
4. Record yourself saying the word/phrase and compare your pronunciation to the native
speaker's pronunciation.
5. Click on NEXT for the spelling of the word/phrases and on DELETE to go to the next flash card.
how much? sounds/gia_baonhieu.mp3 giá bao nhiêu?
how much? sounds/baonhieu_tien.mp3 bao nhiêu tiền?
inexpensive/discount sounds/re.mp3 rẻ
be expensive sounds/expensive.mp3 đắt
sounds/size.mp3 cỡ
size number sounds/sizenumber.mp3 số
to sell at a discount price sounds/ban_re.mp3 bán rẻ
to have no more sounds/het.mp3 hết
VN currency sounds/dong_currency.mp3 đồng
classifier for clothing items & assessories sounds/chiec.mp3 chiếc
pair sounds/doi_pair.mp3 đôi