LET'S SPEAK VN - Chapter 16

Making plans & Planning a meal

Click on the RED button to record your saying.

1. Click on the NEXT button to START
2. Click on the PLAY button (triangle) to listen to the pronunciation of each word/phrase.
3. Be sure to repeat each word/phrase out loud for a couple times.
4. Record yourself saying the word/phrase and compare your pronunciation to the native speaker's pronunciation.
5. Click on NEXT for the spelling of the word/phrases and on DELETE to go to the next flash card.
bạn bè / bè bạn sounds/banbe.mp3 friends (plural); a group of friends
cơm sounds/com.mp3 cooked rice; meal
định / tính [Southern dialect] sounds/dinh.mp3 to intend, to plan
... là nhất rồi sounds/la_nhat_roi.mp3 is/would be the best
mời sounds/moi_invite.mp3 to invite
nên sounds/nen.mp3 should
nghĩ sounds/nghi.mp3 to think
rủ sounds/ru.mp3 to ask (informal invitation)
Ừ, phải đấy! sounds/U_phaiday.mp3 Yes, you [are absolutely] right!
sách dạy nấu ăn sounds/cookbook.mp3 cookbook
ghi ra sounds/ghi_ra.mp3 to make notes
gỏi gà sounds/goi_ga.mp3 VN chicken caggabe salad
món sounds/mon_dish.mp3 classifier for a dish
món ăn sounds/mon_an.mp3 a dish
nguyên liệu sounds/nguyen_lieu.mp3 ingredient
những gì sounds/nhung_gi.mp3 the things/plural of gì
ra siêu thị sounds/ra_sieuthi.mp3 to go to the supermarket
xem rồi chọn món sounds/xemroi_chonmon.mp3 look [at it] then choose [the] dishes
gỏi cuốn sounds/goi_cuon2.mp3 Vietnamese spring rolls