CHAPTER 6 - Family and relatives

Audio flashcards: Grandparents and birth order

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speaker's pronunciation.
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bên nộion the father's side
sounds/ben_ngoai.mp3 on the mother's side
sounds/con_ut.mp3 youngest child
cháu nộipaternal grandchild
con cảoldest child
cháu ngoạimaternal grandchild
con thứmiddle child
bên ngoạion the mother's side
ông bàgrandparents
bà ngoạimaternal grandmother
bà nộipaternal grandmother
sounds/con_truong.mp3 con trưởngoldest child
sounds/con_daulong.mp3 con đầu lòng [Southern dialect]oldest child [Southern dialect]
sounds/ong_noi2.mp3 paternal grandfather
sounds/ong_ngoai2.mp3 maternal grandfather