Audio flashcards: How someone feels

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3. Be sure to repeat each word/phrase out loud for a couple times.
4. Then record yourself saying the word/phrase and compare your pronunciation to the native
speaker's pronunciation.
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stressed-out.gif be stressed(bị) căng thẳng
flu.jpg to catch a flubị cúm
cold.jpgbị cảm
bi_om.gif (bị) ốm
as usual (lit: normal)bình thường
full.jpg be fullno
yeu.jpg weak; frailyếu
met2.gif mệt
sad.gif buồn
hungry.jpg đói
bi_binh.png (bị) bịnh [Southern dialect]
thirsty.gif khát
ba^n.jpg be busybận
khoe.gif well; healthykhoẻ
bi_benh.gif (bị) bệnh