CHAPTER 6 - Family and Relatives

Audio flashcards: Marital status & Relationhip

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Chị (đã) có chồng chưa?Do you have a husband yet? (literally) = Are you married yet? (informal)
Anh đã cưới vợ chưa?
Have you wed a wife yet? (literally) = Are you married yet? (informal)
có gia đình (formal)to have a family (literally) / to be married
Anh (đã) lấy vợ chưa? (informal)
Do you take a wife yet? (literally) = Are you married yet? (informal)
Anh (đã) kết hôn chưa? (formal)
Are you married yet? (formal)
(đã) có ... chưa?have/are you ... yet?
ly dị / ly hônbe divorced
ly thân
be separated
có gia đình (formal)to have a family (literally) = be married (formal)
có chồng (informal)to have a husband (literally) / be married
kết hôn (formal)to wed
lập gia đình (formal)to form [a] family = to be married
sounds/henho_voi2.mp3 đang hẹn hò [với..]be dating [with ...]
sounds/chia_tay_voi.mp3 đã chia tay [với ..]broke-up [with ...]
sounds/nguoi_yeu.mp3 người yêusweetheart
sounds/dinh_hon_voi.mp3 đã đính hôn [với ..]being engaged [with ...]