CHƯƠNG 9 - Tính tình

Character or Personality - Tính tình

Click on the RED button to record your saying

1. Click on the NEXT button to START
2. Click on the PLAY button (triangle) to listen to the pronunciation of each word/phrase.
3. Be sure to repeat each word/phrase out loud for a couple times.
4. Record yourself saying the word/phrase and compare your pronunciation to the native
speaker's pronunciation.
5. Click on NEXT for the spelling of the word/phrases and on DELETE to go to the next flash card.
easy goingdễ tính
lovabledễ thương
unpleasantkhó thương
to have a good sense of humorcó óc khôi hài
sweet and gracefuldịu dàng
mean; fiercedữ
gentle; meekhiền
jovialvui tính
difficult and strictkhó tính