Developed for beginning learners of Vietnamese
Chiếc thuyền nan

Music & Lyric: Minh Lương & Hồ Tấn Vinh
Singer: Uyên Thy

Pre-Listening Activities
Exercise 1

Exercise 2
Learning Vocabulary
Vocabulary in Context
Grammar Notes

Pronunciation Practice 1
Pronunciation Practice 2
Pronunciation Practice 3
Listening Activities
Gap-filling Exercises
Vocabulary & Grammar Exercise 1

Vocabulary & Grammar Exercise 2

Vocabulary & Grammar
Exercise 3
Post-Listening Activities
Creating your own lyric

Before listening to the song, please answer the following questions first:

1. Have you ever traveled by a sampan or a small boat?
2. How many places do you want to travel to by boat?
3. When someone mentions:

a. Tokyo, what would you think of?
b. how about Chicago?
c. how about Karachi and a typical dish in Pakistan?
d. how about Mexico and a spectator game most people of Latin culture enjoy?

Now listen to the song, Chiếc thuyền nan, to validate what you have thought or guessed what this song is about.


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