Developed for intermediate learners of Vietnamese

Nếu Xa Nhau
Nhạc và lời : Đức Huy


Before listening to the song, please answer the following questions first:

1. What do you think people would do or feel when they are away from their
    love ones?
2. How do you think Đức Huy would do when he is far away from his love?
3. Do you think this is a happy or a sad tune?
4. List the adjectives describing moods or feelings  which you may hear from the songs.


Now listen to the song to validate what you did predict.

Ca sĩ:  Tuấn Ngọc

Answwer the following questions:

1.  What does Đức Huy want to do or want to be when his love is far away from him?

2.  Cite the adjectives used to describe the man's feelings.  

3.  In which seasons these lovers are apart?  

4.  Listen to the song and complete the lyric.


1.   View the complete lyric and practice singing this song.

2.   Write a short paragraph in Vietnamese to share your thoughts on what you would do if
      you have to be away from your love.

3.   Write a dialoge between Đức Huy and his love when they reunite.  Feel free to invent!

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