Developed for intermediate learners of Vietnamese

Và tôi cũng yêu em

Music & Lyric: Đức Huy
Singers: Đức Huy, Đon Hồ và Henry Chúc

Vocabulary and Grammar
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Pronunciation Practice
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Listening Activities

Gap-filling exercise

Post-Listening Activities
Writing Activities

Writing Activities

Try to answer the following questions in Vietnamese:

1. Now, what does Đức Huy loves beside loving her?

2. How would you describe his love for her in your own word in Vietrnamese?

3. Compare what Đức Huy loves and what you love.

4.  Based on what Đức Huy loves, would you be able to guess and describe his
    personality?  What type of person is he?

4. How do you feel after listening to this song? .

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