VTN 321 (fall semester) and VTN 332 (spring semester)

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare and enable students to communicate effectively in Vietnamese as well as appreciate Vietnamese literary texts and folk literature. The format of this course includes classroom discussion of the assigned readings and videotape viewing, oral reports, online discusssion boards, and online written assignments, and reports based upon chosen readings and independent research.

Both VTN 321 and VTN 322 are 3-credit courses:  class will meet once/week for 1:15 minutes and students will study independently and/or online for 2-3 hours.

Instruction will be given entirely in Vietnamese and students are strongly encouraged to use Vietnamese both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Reading selections include both non-fiction and literary texts that illustrate various aspects of Vietnamese thoughts, culture, society, and history.  Additional readings based on students' interest may also be added.

Course Objectives

By the end of VTN 321 and VTN 322, the students should

  • have an understanding of Vietnamese history, customs, thoughts, beliefs, ways of life, and culture
  • know how to approach authentic materials and use acquired knowledge to discuss and understand related issues
  • have the ability to read independently, discuss, and write critically about non-fiction and literary texts

Course Materials

Collection of newspaper articles, news clips video clips, and literary texts and poetry from various writers compiled by the instructor and supplementary materials per students’ request and interest.

Course Requirements

    * Class attendance, participation and full attention
    * Access to high speed internet to read online assignments, listen to audio clips, and watch video clips
    * Check Blackboard courseware in my.asu and read email messages at least 3 times weekly
    * Ability to create documents in Vietnamese using Unicode fonts
    * Reading assigned readings, preparation for discussion both in class and online, and writing analysis of the text
    * Oral presentations, quizzes, and tests
    * All other assignments as assigned

Hybrid Course Requirements

Is online/hybrid learning for you? Please take time to visit the following web site to find out what kinds of requirements for students enrolled in online/hybrid learning.


Access to ASU Blackboard

Enrolled students must go to Blackboard to access detailed syllabus, tentative course schedule, weekly schedules (posted weekly) and other course documents and engage in online discussion via Discussion Board in Blackboard.
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