Learning Vietnamese Online

VTN 101 - Elementary Vietnamese 1 (5 credits) is offered as an online course via Arizona State University Online this fall semester ( August 20 - December 4).

VTN 102 - Elementary Vietnamese 2 (5 credits) will be offered as an online course for next spring semester (January 11 - April 29).

These courses will be taught by
  Lê Phạm Thúy-Kim, co-author of Let's Speak Vietnamese and Chúng ta nói textbooks and workbooks and many web-based learning activities for learners of Vietnamese. 

General information about ASU Online:  http://asuonline.asu.edu/
Search for VTN 101 via ASU Course Catalog: https://webapp4.asu.edu/catalog/Home.ext


Following are links to web sites that offer language activities, online lessons, and resources for learners of Vietnamese language.

Vietnamese Language Program at ASU 

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