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You have encountered a "Not Found" error.

The page you're attempting to access currently does not exist at this location.
"This location" is ASU's "public" Web server, Space on the public server is provided by Information Technology to ASU students, faculty, and staff for personal and academic-related use, and all content on the public server is developed and maintained by individuals.

Are you having trouble getting your new personal Web space set up after self-subscribing to the WWW service?
Make sure you've followed all three steps for personal Web space at to enable your new Web space. Step 3 is the one that creates your www directory and sample home page.

Having trouble finding something you expected to see on this server?
First, let's rule out a couple of common errors in entering public server URLs:

  1. The server name is, not or www.public, and the protocol is http:// (note the single colon and the two slashes). All URLs on the public server should begin with

  2. The ~ (a tilde, pronounced "till-duh") is required. Right after the slash that comes after is correct. is incorrect.

  3. Case matters! Since no ASURITE UserID can have upper-case letters, is never valid. On the other hand, may be valid, depending on how the individual named his or her files.
Still having trouble after getting the URL right?
Okay, now what if you're positive the URL you're using is correct, but you're still getting a "Not Found" error? Odds are the individual's site is no longer there. When an individual leaves the university -- a student graduates, or an employee takes employment elsewhere -- his or her computer accounts are discontinued and his or her Web space is deleted. Some people move their pages to a commercial Web hosting service; others simply let them disappear. ASU does not maintain "forwarding addresses" for content removed from the public server, nor do we keep non-ASU email addresses on record for former students and employees. If you know the individual who maintained the page, you might try, four11, or a similar "people search" elsewhere on the Web to find current contact information.

Absolutely, positively certain the page should be there, and it's not?
During routine AFS server maintenance, generally scheduled for Friday nights when needed, some Web content may be temporarily missing. This is because the Web files themselves reside on AFS servers. When a particular server is down, the files resident on that server will be unavailable to the Web server, and the Web server will think they're just not there. You can find out about the status of AFS servers through our Help Desk at (480) 965-6500, or get advance notice of AFS and/or Web outages by IT-fyi subscription at The IT Help Desk also maintains a system-status webpage at


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