Revision 2, April 30 2007. Revisions in blue.




  1. Cabin top mooring line loop.
  2. Rack for boat poles, plank, mop, TV mast.
  3. Two wired sockets and plugs for navigation lights on forward bulkhead. White light fitted aft of control pillar for nav/deck light, all 3 on one switch.
  4. Large brass tunnel light.
  5. Keel cooler able to dissipate engine heat at continuous full power. –fitted OK.
  6. Anchor line attachment points.
  7. Easy access to weed hatch, quick release fasteners. -Done
  8. Window security shutters – ability to replace glass with shutters or clip-on shutters? (for security in winter). Delete – revert to standard windows
  9. Max headroom (Roger is 6’ 6” tall)
  10. Cable access from roof to electrical box for later addition of solar or wind power.
  11. Paint scheme:

Cabin to be ivory. Decks, gunwhales and handrails to be British Racing Green (or similar dark green).

“Registration” panel round aft porthole to be framed in BR Green with the lettering “K, B & R CARTER” above port, “WOODCHURCH” below.

Similar frame around “Nameplate” panel. The name is “BASIL the KING”.

All lettering in maroon with a light green drop shadow. Scrolls added each side of ports. Len the artist will sketch a layout for our approval.




  1. 12 and 240 volt duplex outlets in all cabins (at TV in saloon, behind table in back cabin). –add additional 240v outlets in saloon, galley and back cabin if RCD allows.
  2. Intercom between steerer and galley. Requires 12 volts at galley position. Intercom and cable provided.




  1. 2 windows added to forward bulkhead - £400 extra.
  2. Glazed side doors with hatch.
  3. Speaker wires (3) from TV point to dinette box for subwoofer (1) and to shelves on opposite wall for surround speakers (2). See diagram. Subwoofer moved to starboard dinette box.

  1.  TV (19”, already purchased) will be on 100mm VESA wall mount (provided) Custom surround including shelves for DVD player, Freeview box and amplifier underneath TV position. TV is 18.5” wide by 15” high, by 3” deep (excluding mount). Socket and mount on forward bulkhead for TV antenna.
  2. Maximum storage – provide overhead cabinets in galley, shelves wherever possible, storage under steps, etc. (see p.3, 4)
  3. Lighting (in addition to downlighters) – fluorescent under galley cabinets. Reading lamps opposite TV on wall. Can the downlighters be LED? –lights will be a mix of LED and halogen as appropriate for location.
  4. Mixer taps and separate filtered water tap for drinking.
  5. Hob cover. (built in to the Stoves 600 GDOA SS)
  6. Vents from bilge under fridge and freezer compressors (fan assisted?). not fan assisted.
  7. Green carpet throughout saloon and galley.
  8. Sculpted backrest and rolled edge on dinette upholstery.




  1. Maximum storage – 2 wardrobes in master bed (one replaces original dressing table in plan) Under bed storage. Overhead cupboards.
  2. Delete sliding door on plan – wardrobe doors now open to screen galley.
  3. Two reading lamps on bed head.
  4. Bed to be 6’ 6” long (as in plan but not in spec).
  5. Webasto control near bed. Hot water system to be “domestic” type with separate controls for hot water and radiators, control unit near bed.
  6. Mattress to be one grade firmer than standard.
  7. Green carpet.
  8. ¾ length mirror on port side wardrobe door.




  1. Makeup lamp above vanity mirror.
  2. High pressure, low flow shower head (twin water pumps already in spec)
  3. Provide built-in corner shelf in shower 18” above floor for shampoos, etc., and for Barb to rest her foot on while shaving legs.
  4. Heated towel rail.
  5. Mixer taps.
  6. Maximum storage.
  7. Wood effect vinyl floor covering.




  1. Work light over fold-down table. Reading lamps over single and double (fold-down) bed heads.
  2. Fixed single bed / seat to be 6’ 6” long at minimum (OK as plan).
  3. Maximum storage – cupboards opposite bed, storage under bed and rear steps.
  4. Space for computer (Laptop, 15” wide by 11” deep by 12” high, already purchased) and small printer behind fold-down table. Electrical outlets behind..
  5. Washing machine located here (not in galley as on plan).
  6. Wi-fi antenna fitted above work area in back cabin, cable to desk. We will provide antenna.
  7. Skirting board radiator.
  8. Sculpted backrest and rolled edge on sofa/bed upholstery.
  9. Green carpet.




  1. Quality fit-out to “Jabez” standards. See also page 4. Rounded corners, rolled edges, curves here and there. Matching wood pulls (recessed?) on cupboards & drawers. Hide fixing screws.
  2. Appliance list: 

Fridge:        Shoreline RL110W

Freezer:      Shoreline RU100W

Cooker:       Stoves 600GDOA SS

Washer/Dryer: Zanussi ZJD12191


  1. Victron are now claiming 3,000 VA for their largest MultiPlus. Is this the unit you will fit? YES.
  2. We do want the sound deadening and deluxe control panel options @ £250 total.
  3. Approximately 60 gallon stainless steel waste tank under main bed. Hand operated self discharge pump.
  4. Roller blinds in galley, curtains on all other windows. Stuffed fabric stoppers for portholes.


Here’s a galley layout we like. Lots of secure storage. (WW Nov 2006, P.69)

We prefer shelves or cupboards to the pot holders, though (can’t afford Le Creuset J)



Idea for Washer/Drier location?       Nice bedroom storage. WW March 07. (bookshelf with reading lights under instead).


We like the style and the quality of the joinery on this fit-out (WW March 07).