Arthur J. Sabatini
Arthur J. Sabatini is an Associate Professor of Performance Studies and a founding member of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance Department at Arizona State University. His PhD is from the Department of Performance Studies, New York University. He teaches a variety of courses, including: Avant-Grade and Experimental Performance, Theories of Performance, Art and Politics, Verbal Art and Performance. He has published extensively on new music, performance, music, literature, and culture. His recent research focuses on contemporary performance, art education and theory. He is currently working on a book, Aesthetic Research: 21st Century Perspectives on the Arts (Routledge). 

As AJ Sabatini, I perform with musicians and in various theater  productions.  I am also the author and producer of interdisciplinary theater and performance work (see Creative Productions).
2015     “On Resonance, Paradoxical Sublimations; or, meditations on the legacy of a glass harp and Philadelphia’s Sonic
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2012+      Reviews of film, books, events regularly appear in BSR: The Broad Street Review

   Conference Papers, Lectures, Panels
2015     “Interdisciplinary Arts, Theory, and Pedagogy from the Avant-Garde and Experimental Art Traditions: Reflections
                        on the Manifesto.”  Arts Practice Research: Scholarship, Pedagogy, the Creative Process. Texas Tech University. 
2015     “Time Structure Mapping: On Pete Wyer’s Music, Sound, Places, Performances, and  Reimaginings”  
                            Balance-Unbalance: Art+ Science  xTechnology=Enivironment International Conference, 
                            ASU Tempe, AZ.  With Pete Wyer, composer.
2014       “On Resonance, Paradoxical Sublimations; or, Meditations on the Legacy of a Glass Harp and Philadelphia’s Sonic
                             Unconscious.” America and the Musical Unconscious Conference. Munich, Germany. Keynote.
2012	    “Jewish Themes in American Avant-Garde Theater.”  Jewish Studies Center, Dickinson College.
	     “Questions by, for and about Robert Ashley.”  Sonic Arts Unions Music Series,  International House, Philadelphia, PA.
	     “How To Get Started at Symphony Space: Live Performances with PEN Writers.”  NYC,  Interviewer, Moderator. 
2011	      “Orpheus and Eurydice in Performance in the 21st Century.”  Aksit Gorturk Conference: “Myths Revisited.” 
                              Istanbul, Turkey.

2015      How Did We Get Here?  Performance collaboration with composer/musician, PeteWyre (text, voice.) 
                    ASU Second Stage Spring Series.
2013    The Walkings: A multi-media interactive installation. Part Three following: Certain Explanations: 
                    Magical Walking (2008) and Who Walks (2011).

2015     “Croak” in Samuel Beckett’s Words and Music: Samuel Beckett Society Conference, ASU. 
2012	   “The Voice” (Narrator in The City Wears A Slouch Hat by John Cage and Kenneth Patchen.  ASU CageFest.  
2011	    “Trying to Get It Together:  A Composer’s Life in Philadelphia.” Reading Romulous Francheschini.
                            Memorial Events by Relâche.