Associate Professor Performance Studies
    Arizona State University 
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance
P.O. Box  37100   Phoenix, AZ  85069-7100
1989-94  New York University,  PhD, Performance Studies
                        Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
                        Ohio University:  B.A,  Honors, M.A.  English
1994+    Associate Professor Performance Studies (Assistant Professor to 2001)
		School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, Arizona State University
1988-93     Instructor: New York University, Department of English
1976-82     Adjunct Assistant Professor of Humanities, Dept. of Humanities
	University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA  (& 1990-91)
1974 - 84    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Humanities, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
	    Teacher/Curriculum Development, Language Arts, Trenton High School, N.J.
	    Curriculum/Development: Division of Corrections and Parole, State of New Jersey, 
                                   and the Ohio State Penitentiary, Lucasville, Ohio
1978 - 87	Projects Director/Writer, Relâche Music Ensemble, Philadelphia, PA		
1984 - 86	Writer/Program Development/Special Projects/Arts Administration
			The Yellow Springs Institute, Chester Springs, PA
                        Arts Journalism/Business Writing/Consulting/Research (Philadelphia)
	        Book Chapters (selected) 
2015        “Philadelphia’s Musico-Sonic-Optical Unconscious; or From the Legacy of a
                          Glass Harp to Parades, Paradoxical Sublimations and Refrains.”  America
                            and the Musical Unconscious. Julius Greve, Sascha Pöhlmann (eds.). 
                           New York, Dresden: Atropos Press. 373-410.	 
2014       “Orpheus and Eurydice in Performance in the 21st Century.” Myths Revisited.
                          Istanbul 2ndAnnual International Aksit Gorturk Conference Papers.”  208-218.
2013        “Fred Ho’s Operatic Journey.” Yellow Power! Yellow Soul: The Radical Art of 
                            Fred Ho. Roger Buckley, Tamara Roberts (eds.). Urbana: University of
                           Illinois Press. 63-93.  
2009 	    “Approaching knowledge, research, performance, and the arts.” Mapping
                            Landscapes in Performance as Research: Scholarly Acts and Creative
                            Cartographies.  Lynette Hunter, Shannon Rose Riley (eds.). UK: Palgrave. 114 -121. 
2001	    “On the Dialogics of Pedagogy and Performance.”  Teaching Performance:  
                            Theory, Practices, Pedagogy.   Southern Illinois University  Press.  259-285.
2001	    “The Sonic Landscapes of Robert Ashley.”  In 20th Century Theater and Landscape.  
                            Elinor Fuchs, Una Chauduhi, eds.  University of Michigan Press. 322-349.
1996	    "Armand Schwerner."  Entry in Dictionary of Literary Biography. Columbia, 
                           S.C.:  Bruccoli, Clark, Layman, Inc.  242-253.
1989        "Silent Performances:  On Reading John Cage."  John Cage at 75. Richard Fleming,
                          William Duckworth. Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press.  74 - 96
        Journal Articles and OTHER PUBLICATIONS (selected)	 
2015      “Vorticism: New Perspectives.” Journal of Modern Literature. 38.4.  Summer 178-183.
2011       “Museums and New Aesthetic Practices.” Museums & Social Issues.  6:1: Spring, 71-79.
2010     “The New Music Theater,”  Saltzman and Desi,  Theater Review International.
2008     “Avital Ronell's The Test Drive and Performance" Mofa: Journal of
		Performing Arts
2007        "Uncurating at The Slought Foundation: Art Today in Practice, Theory 
		and Talk." Locus Suspectus. Issue 5: 2007 12-15.
2005	    "Robert Ashley: Defining American Opera." PAJ/Performing Arts Journal, 27:2 (78). 45 - 60.
2004       "ReViewing Robert Ashley's Music With Roots in the Aether:  the first
 		 opera for television." Millennium Film Journal Fall (42) 53-70.
2004	    "From Dog to Ant:  The Evolution Of Lee Breuer's Animations."
		PAJ/Performing Arts Journal, 26:2 (77). 52-60.
1999        “Richard Lerman.” New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.  Entry. 577.
1999        “Daniel Lentz.” New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.  Entry. 550-551.
1998        “Variant Readings:  On Armand Schwerner’s Prose.”  Talisman: 
		 Armand Schwerner Issue.  19: 112-116.
1991        "Taking Photographs/Making Statements:  The Civic Photography of  Bill Ravanesi."  
                        In Breath Taken:  The Landscape and Biography of Asbestos.  Boston:  Center for 
                        Visual Art and Public Interest. 13-17.
1990        "Performance Novels:  Notes Toward an Extension of Bakhtin's Theories of 
                          Genre and the Novel." Discours Social/Social Discourse, 3, 1/2:  135- 145. 
1986        "Terrorism and Performance."  High Performance, 9, 34: 29-33.  (trans. Elvira   Christian, as "Terrorismus und Performance"  Kunstforum International # 117. 1993.  
                        "Symposium as Performance."  High Performance, 9, 36: 84.
1985       "New Institutions for Performance."  Yellow Springs Review, 2: 6-8. 
                "Joan Jonas in Performance."  New Art Examiner, Jan:  22. 
1982	    "Humor in the 1930s." Book Forum, 6, 2:  196-200.
1979	    "On Reading José Lezama Lima's Paradiso." Latin American Fiction Today,  139-146. 
1971	    "The Themes of Black Literature."  Ohio English Bulletin, 12, 3:  1-4
            	Journalism:  Book, Performance Reviews, Arts & Culture Features, Columns
		(Complete listing available upon request)
                        1976+    The Philadelphia Inquirer.  400+Book reviews, arts, features.
                        1981-83 Philadelphia City Paper, Metropolitan Magazine, South Street Star.  Contributor;

            Reviews (selected) 
to 2016    Reviews of film, books, and performances regularly appear in BSR: The Broad Street Review
               Includes:  ‘Antigone’ and ‘Metamorphoses’ : Words on Dramatic Language": "The Eyes of Mr. 
                        Turner and an American Sniper" ‘Fury: Religion, War and Film’’ ‘Heidegger and the Super     
                        Bowl’; ‘Kierkegaard, Irony and Stephen Colbert’; “The Met’s The Nose “Lee Breuer’s La 
                          Divina Caricatura: A dog’s search for meaning”; “Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity: Exploring 
                         outer space?”; Europa Report: The trouble with outer space films”; “How do you 
                         reason with a humanoid? (And other outer space movie challenges)” + 40 more             
2011         The Prague Cemetery, Umberto Eco. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.  The Philadelphia Inquirer. 
2010        The New Music Theater: Seeing the Voice Hearing the Body, Eric Salzman, Thomas Desi.
                         Oxford: Oxford University Press. Theatre Research International, 36.1.
2008 	    "An Introduction to the Music, Theater and Ideas of Fred Ho" University of Wisconsin Artist
                         in Residence Series (Catalogue Essay)
2008 reviews and commentary (Phoenix, AZ)
                    “Obama, the Arts and You.”; “Anna Devere Smith: The Arizona Project: Women, 
                            Justice and the Law”;  Osvaldo Golijov’s Ainadama at The Phoenix Symphony 
                    “Chris Danowski's XO_tic at The Phoenix Fringe Festival.”
2007        Restaging the Sixties: Radical Theaters and Their Legacy, James Harding, C. Rosenthal (eds).
                         Theatre Research International. (Fall) 32: 3. 332-333. 
2002         Perform or Else. Jon Mackenzie. NY: Routledge. Theatre Journal. (Fall, 54:3) 505-507. 
             Theater, Performance, Recordings, Curating (selected)
                Principle author: conception, texts, image, voice, performance, producer, collaborations 
2014       How Did We Get Here?  Live Performance. Collaboration with composer/musician, 
                    PeteWyre (text, voice)  ASU Second Stage West.
2013     The Walkings: A multi-media installation, with video, interactive media 
		(Part Three of Certain Explanations: Magical Walking and Who Walks 
		 Collaborators: Robert Kilman, interactive media; William Duckworth, 
                         music). ASU Gallery West. 
2011      Who Walks: Theater/Dance/Video. Writing, performance, direction. ASU Second Stage West.
2008	  Certain Explanations/Magical Walking. Playwright. One act, multi-media 
                    theater for solo performer. Ten Performances Second Stage West and
                    Phoenix Fringe Festival (April/May), Conference on Esoterica (Charleston, SC),
                    Theater Artists Studio (Sept) (Scottsdale, AZ)
2010       The Bowler Hat Project & The Bowler Hat Events, ASU Gallery West Exhibition
2009     John Cage's How To Get Started. Co-curator for a permanent sound installation 
                      of an unproduced work by John Cage. Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
2010	    CRASH–Theater –Actor,”The Angel” (ASU –Second Stage West)
2008	   The Chronicler. The Cathedral Band Project Live: Say the Music! 
                          Icebreaker IV Festival, On The Boards, Seattle, WA.
2007        iOrpheus: An iPod Opera. Live Outdoor Performance/Webcast - Brisbane, AU 
                        (The Chronicler)
2007	    iOrpheus: The Myth Retold. Live Performance/Webcast,  Cathedral Band (The Chronicler)
                         Phoenix, AZ
2006/2007	iOrpheus: An iPod Opera. 26 texts for Podcasts.
2003	    CD: Linesongs. Vocals.  Monroestreet Records. 
2003	    The Chronicler:  Postcards from New York. Live & Internet Broadcast; Walking Letters.  
                    Tama Art University and Sumida Triphony Concert Hall. Tokyo, Japan; Talking New York. 
                    NY University. Live Internet Broadcast.
2002 	    The Chronicler: Slow Poetics/ The Dance; Line Songs/The Pyramid; Code 1/
                     The Bomb - Mini-to-the-Max Festival, Brisbane, AU. 	 WWW Broadcast Live, ABC
                     (Australian Broadcast Corporation) 
2001+    The Chronicler’s Songs; The Chronicler’s Lament; The 	Chronicler’s Questions  -  Galapagos, NYC & Liberty Science Center,  NYC.  48 hour WWW Broadcast.  Cathedral in Performance - ASU
2000+	The Chronicles - CATHEDRAL on-line texts

CONFERENCE PAPERS & Lectures (selected)
		(and lectures/performances, workshops, national/international)
2015        “Interdisciplinary Arts, Theory, and Pedagogy from the Avant-Garde 
                           and Experimental Art Traditions. Or, Reflections on the Manifesto.”  Arts Practice  
                           Research: Scholarship, Pedagogy, and the Creative Process. Texas Tech University 
2015         with Pete Wyer.  “Time Structure Mapping: On Pete Wyer’s Music, Sound, Places, 
                        Performances, and Reimaginings” Balance-Unbalance: Art+Science x Technology =  
                        Enivironment International Conference, ASU Tempe, AZ.
2014     “On Resonance, Paradoxical Sublimations; or, meditations on the Legacy of a Glass Harp 
                    and Philadelphia’s Sonic Unconscious.” America and the Musical Unconscious
                     Conference. Munich, Germany. Keynote.
2014      Closing Speaker: Council of Graduate Art Historians Conf. (CoGAH). Arizona State University. 
2013     “My Father's War Stories” CICCS War and Memory Series, ASU (invited)
2013      "Bakhtin and Critical Theory." ASU Barrett Honor's College (invited)
2012     “Jewish Figures and Themes in 20thCentury American Experimental Theater” 
                    Jewish Studies Center, Dickinson College, PA. (invited)
2012      “Questions by, for and about Robert Ashley.”  Sonic Arts Unions Music Series,  
                    International House, Philadelphia, PA (invited)
2012     “How To Get Started at Symphony Space: Live Performances with PEN Writers.”  
                    NYC, (Interviewer, Moderator). 
2012     “Remarks on John Cage's Songbooks," <fidget> Performance Space, Philadelphia, PA
                     (invited lecture/discussant)
2012     “Without trauma, and yet…or, the resonance of memory and effects of 
indirect reception” Memory-Counter-Memory Conference, ASU (invited)
 2011     “Orpheus and Eurydice in Performance in the 21st Century.” 2nd Annual
 International Aksit Gorturk Conference: “Myths Revisited” 
2011     “Contemporary American Interdisciplinary and Collaborative 
			Performance.” Roberts College, Istanbul, Turkey.  
2011     "The Complicating Performances and Productions of Silence in 
			Orhan' Pamuk's, The Museum of Innocence." RMMLA, Southwest.
2011.     “On Romulous Francheschini’s “Trying to Get It Together: A Composer’s 				Life in Philadelphia” Romulous Francheschini Memorial Events (invited)
2010	    "Mabou Mines After 40 Years" Session Co-Chair, ASTR Annual Conference
                       Paper:  “Mabou Mines: Stages of Mind”
2009	    "Sound, Frequencies, Sonic Resonance in Philadelphia" MLA Annual Conference
2009 	     "The Transhistorical Journeys of Fred Ho" MLA Annual Conference	
2009 	    "Trends in Aesthetic Research" Workshop, Common Ground Conference, 
		Venice, Italy (paper accepted/no travel funds)
2007 	    “Aesthetic Research: Goals, Directions, Legitimations.” ASTR Study Group
                        Annual Conference. 
2007    "On Aesthetic Research" (Talks) Griffith University Conservatorium Center for Artistic Research  
2007		"Marek Choloniewski Performs," Slought Foundation, Philadelphia & 1306
2006	    “Performing Duchamp’s The Bride,” MLA Annual Conference.
2006	    “Aesthetic Research and Epistemology,” ASTR Annual Conference 
2005	    "Collaboration in the Arts," Artverge Panel (Invited).  ASU AME program
2004	    "Staging Noise: The Plays of Charles Mee." MLA Annual Conference.
2004	    "Intermedia Music Theatre & Visions of Tesla"  Temple Univ.
2002	    "Oh No, Guillermo!  You have been PMLA-id. Time for a trip to MARS
	in Aztlan:  on dialogics, genre, timing, and the epistemology of 
performance/art, if that is what you agree to call it." MLA Ann. Conf. 
2002        "Satie, Cage, Minimalisms," Mini-to-the-Max Festival, Brisbane Australia.
2001	    "Sonic Allegories: Ashley's Perfect Lives and Duckworth's Cathedral."  Institute for 
                        Electro-Acoustic Music, Academy, Krakow, Poland
2000	    Steering Committee: Sixth Annual Performance Studies Conference, Phoenix, AZ
1999	    Chair -" Performance and Virtual Reality."  Circuit Breakers: Art and  Technology Symposium.
                      Nelson Fine Arts, ASU Tempe
1998	    “Art, Technology, and Performance,” Art and Technology in the Age of
		 Information, Keele University Institute for Performing Arts, Liverpool, UK.
1998	    “The Landscapes and Sonic Allegory of Robert Ashley.”  International
 		Association of Philosophy and Literature, UC - Irvine.
1998	Chair - “Armand Schwerner’s  Prose & Poetics.”  Cross- Cultural Poetics
 			International.  Univ. of Minnesota.
1997 	"Dream, Performance, Technology” and Chair, “Neuroscience and Performance Third Annual 
                    Performance Studies Conference. Atlanta, Georgia  ( 4/97) 
1996    “The Artist’s Life as Dialogic Performance.”  “Beyond Carnival:  Bakhtin for Performance Studies.”
                     Second Annual Performance Studies Conference, Northwestern University  (3/96).
1995	Paper/Performance:  "Intimate Universes:  Kerouac & Performance."
		The Writings of Jack Kerouac Conference, New York Univ. (6/95)
1995	Paper/Performance:  "Epistemology/Performance/Pedagogy,"  First Annual
 		Performance Studies Conference, New York University  (3/95)
1994 	Paper/Performance:  "Beat Performances:  Creativity, Discourse, and
	        Reception,"  Beat Generation Conference.  New York Univ. (5/94)
1994	"The Carnival of Otherness in Armand Schwerner's The  Tablets." 
 	        Conference:  Bakhtin and the Other.  Texas Tech University.
1993	"The Dialogics of Narrative in Robert Ashley's Performance Novels."  
                    MLA, 'Literature and the Other Arts."  
1992	"Humor, Disease and Performance in the Novels of Stanley Elkin."
	        10th International Humor Conference, Paris.  (7/92)  
1992	"The Aesthetic Research of Bill Ravenesi."  Breath Taken Exhibition.
                        University of New Mexico, Las Cruces.
1992	"Social Photography:  Health and Perception,"  Breath Taken:  Asbestos Health 
                        Conference, San Francisco (2/92)
1988	 "John Cage and Writers."  Cage at Wesleyan. Conference.  

	            Other Creative Activity:  Radio and Theater
1995    The Wrath of Kali , Mabou Mines.  Professor Chowley Chutney 
1994     The Way We Live Now, ASUW - Theater, co-director
1993	 Temples in the Desert, Performance, Aritzlan Studios, Phoenix, AZ 
1987    "Live from New Music America," WNYC-FM, 8 part  radio series, American Public Radio Broadcast
1985    Soundposts:  Contemporary Music, Six hour-long programs, 
	Broadcast WXPN-FM, Philadelphia and via SPDF Satellite
1982-83    Bertolt Brecht and Song,  script and direction -  25 performances 

		Writing on New Music:
2006	"The Soundworlds of Richard Lerman." CD Liner Notes. EM Records.
1997		Pick it Up (CD Liner Notes).  The Relâche Ensemble.  Monroe Street Music.
1995		WofMASS  (CD Liner Notes).  Daniel Lentz.  Fontec Records.
1987		The Well (Liner Notes). Pauline Oliveros. Hat-Hut Records.
1980-1990	Relâche  Programs, Publications. 

Aesthetic Research:  Art and Knowledge  (IAP 473, MAS, HON)
Avant-Garde Movements and Performance to WW II  (IAP 304/AMS 394)
Avant-Garde/Experimental Performance WW II - Present (Art & Technology) (IAP 305)
Verbal Art:  Storytelling, Poetry, and Performance  (IAP 371/IAS-AMS 374 ) 
Myths, Tales, and Song:  Language and Performance (IAP 471/AMS/ENG 498) 
    Art and Film (IAP 474)
Performance Theory:  Ritual, Social Life, Media (IAP 375)
20th Century Theories of Art & Performance (IAP 472)
Critical Theory (MAS 501).
20th Century Theater (Graduate Dept. of Theater, Tempe) (THE 505)