Welcome to Chae Research Group

Mission: MEMS for Biomedical Applications


(Left) Fully-passive Wireless Neural Implant (acquiring neuropotential wirelessly without any battery or regulator) and (Right) In-Vivo Measurements of Neuropotentials from Frog’s Sciatic Nerve

(Left) Bacteria (Geobacter spp.) on Electrode to Produce Electrons and (Right) IC interface for the Bacteria Fuel Cell

UPDATE: our group is currently looking for 2 NEW PhD student (2 were filled out of 4) to join on fall 2016. If you are interested in, please contact junseok.chae@asu.edu. All graduate students in our group are supported well (either via RA or TA). Prospective students may write ~3-4 pg long reports to show his/her capability of literature search, quantitative analytical assessment, and his/her own approach to tackle the current technical challenges.