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Interesting Links

Link Description
waitbuywhy.com Fantastic blog-like site of long articles exploring almost everything from why we procrastinate to interesting ways of visualizing large numbers.
I especially recommend the articles The A.I. Revolution, What Makes You You?, The Fermi Paradox, and the series on Elon Musk.
what-if.xkcd.com The creator of the popular xkcd webcomic receives emails on all sorts of scientific and some not so scientific questions, and then attempts to use
solid science and math to answer those questions. Usually spirals into hilarious absurdity by the end. I recommend reading from the beginning.
askamathematician.com A blog where a mathematician/phycisist answers reader questions on all things math and physics. Usually the first half of the post explains the answer
in simple enough terms that even a high school student could understand it, and the second half goes over it using high level math and physics.
forum.nasaspaceflight.com A forum for discussion of spaceflight and space technologies. Has a section for almost every imaginable space company, agency, and mission. Access to
the L2 sections require a monthly payment, but because of this it has built a strong reputation and industry insiders frequently leak top information.