Minors In Consumption

An in-depth look at MICs in Tempe, AZ

Facts and Information

  • A Minor in Consumption, or MIC, is a violation in which someone under the age of 21 has a traceable amount of alcohol in their system.
  • According to the Tempe Police Department's website in 2010, the Tempe PD made 2,479 arrests for underage alcohol violations.
  • An MIC is considered a Class 2 Misdemeanor, which does not take away rights as a citizen such as the right to vote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are confused about Minor in Consumption tickets and how they can be distributed. We did a little research and found out some information.

Q. How long is it on your record?

A.Because it's a Class 2 Misdeanor, it will remain on your criminal record. The government, law enforcement, and judges will always have the ability to find the information. However, there are ways to get it removed so a potential employer or other 3rd parties cannot see it, the main one being expungement. Typically reserved for a first time offender, expungement removes the crime from the general public. It will not appear on any public record, but it will be available in the case of future crimes.

Q. How can the police approach me on the street without probable cause?

A. Probable cause is used only specifically for an arrest. To approach someone on the street, a police officer needs whats called reasonable suspicion. Reasonable suspicion, in this specific instance, could be slurred speech, odor, proximity to other intoxicated individuals, or location in an area where alcohol is known to be consumed.

Q.What are the punishments for underage consumption?

A. Punishments vary based on the offender. If it is a first time offense, typically the punishment will be a monetary fine and possibly a class called "Diversion". The fine is typically around 500 dollars. For an in-depth look at the punishments of a Minor in Consumption, check out this website.





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