Complete list of compositions

Life is Fine for men’s chorus a cappella. Text by Langston Hughes. Premiere scheduled March 2009.

Some-thing from No-thing (2008) an opera for children based on the Jewish folk tale Epes fun Gornischt. Premiere scheduled for fall 2009.

space(s) for clarinet, violin and viola (2008). A collaboration with choreographer Elina Mooney. Premiered September 19-21, 2008, Galvin Playhouse, Tempe, AZ.

Bottom Dog for 2 bass clarinets and contrabass clarinet (2007) Performance May 2008, Chicago, IL

The Egret in the Living Room for flute, clarinet, violin and violoncello. (2007) Collaboration with Elina Mooney, choreographer. Performances: ASU, November 15-18.

Four Square for piano four-hand. Commissioned by the Phoenix Music Teacher Association Piano Ensemble Program. Premiere March 2008.

Child’s Play for string quartet (2006)

Yiddish Choruses for SATB chorus. (2006) Premiere March 2007 in a performance by the ASU Chamber Singers, David Schildkret, conductor in the "Ways of Happiness, Paths of Peace:  Bernstein, Bloch, and Music of the Jewish Tradition" Festival in Katzin Recital Hall.

The Song of Songs for soprano, tenor and ensemble (2004) Premiered  by  Hill and the ASU Chamber Winds at the Mayo Hospital in  Phoenix and the Mesa Arts Center. Jee Hyun Kim, soprano and Kenneth Miller, tenor.

Der Heyser Bulger for Klezmer Band (2005)

Whirligigs for saxophone quartet (2003) Premiere, Arizona State University Showcase Chamber Series, March 2004

Frantic Antics for guitar and violin. (2002) Written for Matt Gould and Beth Schneider of Duo 46. Premiere scheduled for April 2005.

Chatterboxes for Wind Ensemble. (2002) Premiered by the ASU Wind Ensemble, Tempe, AZ, October 2002.

Wedding Music for flute, violin and violoncello.  (2001) Premiere at the wedding of Morris Rockmaker and Kristen Gray, October 2001.

The Wide Night Sky for organ. (2001). Premiere by Kimberly Marshall, Tempe, AZ, March 2001.

Rothko Landscapes for four clarinets. (2000) Premiere scheduled for the 2001-2002 season.

Solo Sax Set for solo alto saxophone (1999)Premiered by Joseph Wytko, Tempe, AZ, April, 2000

Three Bagatelles for piano (1999).  Premiere by Robert Hamilton, Tempe, AZ, February 2001.

A Child’s Question for chorus a cappella (1999).  Premiere scheduled for Spring, 2000

Kokopelli Dreams for woodwind quintet (1999).  Premiere May 1999, by Citywinds, Chancellor’s Concert Series, University of California, San Francisco.

• Old First Concerts, performed by Citywinds, San Francisco, CA  June 1999

• Impresarios of the Lincoln Theater, performed by Citywinds, Rutherford, CA, May 1999.

• The Performing Arts Series at UC Riverside, performed by Citywinds, May 1999.

• Spruce Street Forum, performed by Citywinds, San Diego, CA  May 1999.

Magical Place of My Dreams for two clarinets (1998).  Premiere February 1999, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL performed by Richard Nunemaker and Christie Vohs.

• University of Houston, performed by Richard Nunemaker and Christie Vohs, February 1999

• Rice University, Houston, TX, performed by Richard Nunemaker and Christie Vohs, February 1999

• Houston Composers’ Alliance, performed by Richard Nunemaker and Christie Vohs, Houston, TX, February 1999.

• University of Chicago, performed by Richard Nunemaker and Christie Vohs, February 1999

• Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, performed by Richard Nunemaker and Christie Vohs, February 1999

• Anna Maria Baeza and Evan Spritzer, clarinets, SCI Region II conference, State University of New York, Stony Brook, December 1998

Spring Fever for clarinet and piano (1998).  Premiere September 1998, by Robert Spring and Eckert Sellheim, Tempe, AZ

South Mountain Sunset for viola and piano (1997).  Premiere October 1998, by Kimberly Fredenburg, viola and Gail Novak, piano, Tempe, AZ

• Arizona State New Music Ensemble, Kimberly Fredenburg, viola  and Andria Fennig, piano, November 1998

Passion Strings for viola and violoncello (1996).  Premiere November 1996, Carbondale, Illinois by Cynthia Fogg, viola and Tom Flaherty, violoncello.

Cynthia Fogg, viola and Tom Flaherty, violoncello, Pomona College, Claremont, CA, November 1997.

Shifty Business for bass clarinet and marimba (1996).  Premiere November 1997 by Peter Josheff and Andrew Lewis, San Francisco.

Wedding Music for string quartet (1996)  Arrangements of traditional Jewish wedding music.  Premiered June 1996, Stanford, CA.

After the Dazzle of Day for mezzosoprano, clarinet/bass clarinet, horn and piano (1996).  Text by Walt Whitman.  Premiered November 1995 by Opus 90, Palo Alto, CA.

• New Music Festival at Heidelburg College, Tiffin, OH, March 1998.

• 18th Annual New Music and Art Festival, Bowling Green State University, OH, October 1997.

• Benefit Concert, Palo Alto Cultural Center, performed by Opus 90, November 1996.

• The Sound of Music Festival, performed by Opus 90, San Jose, CA, May 1996.

• The Friends of Fioli, performed by Opus 90, Redwood City, CA, February 1996.

• The Listening Hour, performed by Opus 90, San Jose State University, CA  February 1996.

• American Music Week, performed by Opus 90, San Jose, CA, November 1995

• Opus 90, Stanford, CA, November 1995

The Eyes of an Abhinaya Dancer for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1995).  Premiered March 1996 by Earplay, San Francisco, CA

• Louisiana State University New Music Ensemble, Dinos Contantinides, director, April 1997.

• Imagine ‘97 Festival, The University of Memphis, TN, February 1997

Multiplicities for solo clarinet in B-flat (1995). Premiere December 1996, by Richard Nunemaker, Houston, TX

• Dialogues Concert, ASU/NYU Exchange, Michael Caputo, clarinet, December 1998

TieCo for four percussionists (1995).  Premiered May 1995 by Dr. Kenneth Piascik and the California Youth Symphony Percussion Ensemble, Palo Alto, CA

• Spring Migration, MIDI version choreographed by Susan Cashion, Stanford University, CA, April-May 1996.

• California Youth Symphony Percussion Ensemble, Dr. Kenneth Piascik, director, June 1995

• Stanford Percussion Ensemble, Mark Veregge, director, May 1995

• Palo Alto Performances, Dr. Kenneth Piascik, director, May 1995

• University of Southern Alabama Percussion Ensemble, John J. Papastefan, conductor, May 1995.

Mood Swing for guitar (1994).  Premiered April 1995 by Cem Duröz, Stanford, CA.

where late the sweet birds sang for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and percussion (1994).  Premiered by Earplay, San Francisco, January 1994.

• Nota Bene Contemporary Ensemble, Ronald Roseman, Director, Society of Composers National Conference, The Aaron Copland School of Music, Flushing, NY, April 1999.

• Arizona State University New Music Ensemble, Christopher Scinto, conductor, Music of the 21st Century, Society of Composers Region VII Conference, University of Hawaii, March 1999.

• Arizona State University New Music Ensemble, Christopher Scinto, conductor, Tempe, AZ, March 1999.

• Arizona State University New Music Ensemble, Glenn Hackbarth, conductor, Tempe, AZ, December 1997.

• Alea II, Stanford University, January 1995

• Creative Arts Ensemble of West Virginia University, April 1994

• University of North Carolina, Greensboro, October 1994

• California State University, Northridge, October 1994.

• West Virginia University New Music Ensemble, John Beall, director, April 1994.

Interchangeable Parts for Orchestra (1993).  Reading by the Marin (CA) Symphony, January 1994.  Revised, June 2000.  Premiere by the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra, Timothy Russell, conductor, September 2000.  

The Enchanted Kiss, a pocket opera(1993).  Premiered February 1993, Stanford Chamber Orchestra, Robert Black, conductor, Stanford University.

A  Stanford Fanfare for organ (1993).  Written for the inauguration of President Gerhard Caspar.  Premiered September 1992 by Kimberly Marshall, Stanford, CA

Loop D’ Loop for trombone quartet (1992).  Premiered by the Boston Trombone Quartet,  Boston, April 1992

• New Music Festival of Sandusky, May 1997.

Ma Averech for flute, clarinet, violin and viola (1991).  Arrangement of a Jewish folktune.  Premiered September, 1991, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Quarter for Twelve for flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, french horn, percussion and strings (1991).  Premieres: Alea II, Stanford, December 1990 (Movement I only); Tanglewood Festival, Lenox, MA, August 1991

• North/South Consonance, New York, March 1992.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men for a cappella chorus (1989).  Premiered by Premiere, New York, May 1989.

Remembrance for a cappella chorus (1988).  Premiered by Premiere, New York, May 1989.

The Secreted Peace for soprano and chamber orchestra (1987).  Premiered by the National Orchestral Association, February 1990.

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