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Hawkes hornOur knowledge of horn playing and horn history has probably doubled since the 1970s. In presentations my aim is to be completely up-to-date with recent scholarship and trends.

The sessions below were all presented at international workshops and conferences, and are just a portion of the sessions I have presented. I enjoy performing and presenting standard master classes as well; for information on hosting a master class, presentation, or performance of any type at your school or event please contact me at Arizona State University.

AND NOTE: Several of the below would present very well to a horn studio or club at a distance with PowerPoint and an Internet connection via Skype.

2013. “A Masterclass with Philip Farkas on Musicianship,” 45th International Horn Symposium, Memphis, TN, August.

2013. “A Right Hand Position Survey,” 45th International Horn Symposium, Memphis, TN, August.

2013. “Schubert’s Auf dem Strom and Horn Technique in the 1820s,” 45th International Horn Symposium, Memphis, TN, August.

2012. “Orchestral Horn Playing 101 – How to Get In and Stay In the Business,” 44th Annual International Horn Symposium, Denton, TX, May.

2011. “A Horn like Dennis Brain Played,” 43rd Annual International Horn Symposium, San Francisco, CA, June.

2010. “Beyond Farkas: Tonguing, the embouchure, and more,” 42nd International Horn Symposium, Brisbane, Australia, July.

2009. “Instruments Your Horn Teacher Never Told You About,” 41st International Horn Symposium, Macomb, Ill, June.

2008. “Playing the Wagner Tuba,” 40th International Horn Symposium, Denver, July.

2008. “From the Natural Horn to the Triple Horn,” 40th International Horn Symposium, Denver, July.

2008. “The Horn Gym,” 40th International Horn Symposium, Denver, July.

2003. “The Solo Works of Franz Strauss,” 35th International Horn Symposium, Bloomington, IN, June.

2001. “Natural and Valved Horns in the Nineteenth-Century.” 33rd International Horn Symposium, Kalamazoo, MI, June.

1999. “Crooks and the Nineteenth Century Horn.” Celebration 99!, the 31st Annual Symposium of the International Horn Society, Athens, GA, May.

1999. “Friedrich Gumpert (1841-1906) and the Performing Technique of the Valved Horn in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany,” Historic Brass Instrument Days: An International Symposium--Historic Brass Research, Pedagogy, Performance, and Conservation, Paris, France, March.

1997. “Heinrich Stoelzel and Early Valved Horn Technique.” Early Brass Festival, Bloomington, IN, July.

1993. “Henri Kling, Oscar Franz, and Horn Technique in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century.” Early Brass Festival, Amherst, Mass., July.

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