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Student Recitals for the Spring Semester
Alexis Lovelady, DMA, 04/02/2017, 5:00PM, Katzin Concert Hall
Philip Sitterle, junior, 04/07/2017, 5:00PM, Recital Hall
Parker Kauffman, junior, 04/08/2017, 7:30PM, Recital Hall
Juli Smith, DMA, 04/16/2017, 7:30PM, Katzin Concert Hall
Alex Moxley, junior, 04/18/2017, 7:30PM, Recital Hall

Orchestral Highlights, Spring Semester
Janruary 27 -- Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé, Suite No. 2
February 27 -- Beethoven: Symphony No. 7
March 24 -- Brahms: Symphony No. 4
April 27 -- Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra

Rescued! A New CD...
Dr. Ericson recorded a new CD during the summer of 2015 which was released in the fall of 2016 on the Summit label. Titled Rescued! Forgotten works for the nineteenth-century horn, the following works are on the CD, which is performed on a period 19th century valved horn, as seen on the cover:Rescued! CD

  • Serenade, Op. 20 – Louis Bödecker
  • Sonata, Op. 7 – Hermann Eichborn
  • Resignation, Op. 16 – Charles Eisner
  • Lied ohne Worte, Op. 2 – Oscar Franz
  • Gondellied, Op. 15 – Karl Matys
  • Am Abend, Op. 71 – B. Ed. Müller
  • Melancholie, Op. 68 – B. Ed. Müller
  • Nocturno, Op. 73 – B. Ed. Müller
  • Wiegenlied, Op. 69, No. 1 – B. Ed. Müller
  • Lied ohne Worte – Josef Richter
  • Sonate, Op. 347 – Fritz Spindler

For more on the entire recording project see a series of articles on Horn Matters that starts here:

John Ericson (and friends) in Recital (and more!)
On Sunday, Sept. 18, 2:30 PM, in Katzin Concert Hall John Ericson presented a chamber music recital featuring works of Mozart, Beethoven, and Wilder. He was joined by Hannah Creviston (piano), Alexis Lovelady and Juli Smith (horns), Albie Micklich (bassoon), Martin Schuring (oboe), and Deanna Swoboda (tuba), and the entire recital may be seen on YouTube at:

The Wilder will also be performed in recitals at the Musical Instrument Museum and at the Southwest Horn Conference in January of 2017, along with other works with his colleagues Hannah Creviston (piano), Brad Edwards (trombone), and Deanna Swoboda (tuba).

Also at the conference, Ericson will be busy! He is presenting a session on 10 insights you can apply to your playing from the MRI horn studies, a group warm-up session using The Brass Gym, and more! The event website is here:

Studio Guests this Semester
Among others our guests will include the trio Eastern Standard (Heidi Lucas, horn) and Gustavo Camacho (Western Washington University). We look forward to their visits!

Watch the Horn Choir Perform
Our entire November 5, 2016 concert (jointly with the ASU tuba studio) may be seen here:

W-241Dr. Ericson -- recent accomplishments
Besides the CD noted above, over the summer of 2016 Ericson released three E-publications for French horn (standard, high, and low horn versions of 35 Melodic Etudes by Schantl and Meifred). Check them out at Also he launched a video podcast series focusing on innovations and recent publications in the horn world, including one focusing on his article “Dennis Brain’s Horns” which was published in the February, 2016 issue of The Horn Call.  The video series may be accessed here:

Recent current and former student accomplishments
Paulina Davison (BM horn performance student) and Juli Smith (DMA horn performance student) both attended the Rafael Mendez Brass Institute this past summer.

Jacqueline Fazekas (BA horn student) was a participant at the 2016 Eli Epstein Horn Intensive.

Rose French (DMA, horn) performed and presented a session “Horn Players Songbook: Developing Audiation Skills with Folk Music” at the 2016 International Horn Symposium at Ithaca College.

Parker Kaufmann (BM horn performance student) was selected to be a participant at the 2016 National Music Festival in Chestertown, MD.

Christian Lopez and Jonathan Zavala-Molina (both BM music education students) marched in the mellophone section this past summer of the DCI silver medal winning Blue Devils.

Alexis Lovelady (DMA horn performance student) attended the Kendall Betts Horn Camp.

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For more ASU brass...
Be sure to also check out the ASU Trombone Studio website and the ASU Tuba-Euphonium Studio website; both are excellent resources and give another view of study in the brass studios at Arizona State.

Updated 1/22/2017

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