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Recitals this semesterW-241
Dr. Ericson will present a joint solo recital with Douglas Yeo on Saturday, 02/27/2016, 2:30 PM, Katzin Concert Hall. A version of this recital will also be performed at the MIM on Wednesday, 2/24/2016 at 10:30 AM. Built around the theme of the 19th century, Dr. Ericson will perform on natural horn, single F and single Bb horns, and on the tenor horn!

Alex Manners, DMA, Thursday, 01/21/2016, 7:30 PM, Katzin Concert Hall

Kira Seidel, MM, Sunday, 02/28/2016, 2:30 PM, Katzin Concert Hall

Juli Smith, MM, Saturday, 04/23/2016, 5:00 PM, Recital Hall

Also note that guest artists the Western Brass Quintet will be at Brass Area at 12:00 on Wednesday, 2/24 and also perform a recital at 5:00 the same day.

CD on the way!
Dr. Ericson recorded a new CD during the summer of 2015, in final editing right now. Works on the CD, which is performed on a period 19th century valved horn:

  • Serenade, Op. 20 – Louis Bödecker
  • Sonata, Op. 7 – Hermann Eichborn
  • Resignation, Op. 16 – Charles Eisner
  • Lied ohne Worte, Op. 2 – Oscar Franz
  • Gondellied, Op. 15 – Karl Matys
  • Am Abend, Op. 71 – B. Ed. Mülller
  • Melancholie, Op. 68 – B. Ed. Mülller
  • Nocturno, Op. 73 – B. Ed. Mülller
  • Wiegenlied, Op. 69, No. 1 – B. Ed. Mülller
  • Lied ohne Worte – Josef Richter
  • Sonate, Op. 347 – Fritz Spindler

For more on the project see a series of articles on Horn Matters that starts here:

Dr. Ericson in Print
Kicking off 2016 Dr. Ericson has released three new E-publications through Horn Notes Edition. He composed 12 Modern Preparatory Etudes for Horn and edited the following two publications: 38 Intonation Duets for Horns by Gumpert and Kling and Horn Scales and Technique Exercises by Gallay, Kling, and Meifred.

His article "A 1982 Horn Right Hand Position Survey: Tips, Notes, and More," based on a survey conducted by former ASU horn professor Ralph Lockwood, was published in the May, 2015 issue of The Horn Call, the journal of the International Horn Society. The presentation that is the basis of the article is described in articles starting here:

Recent Former Student Accomplishments
ASU horn DMA graduates Gustavo Camacho and Rose French jointly presented a lecture-recital at the 2015 International Horn Symposium in Los Angeles. The topic was “One Branch from the Great Reynolds Tree,” focusing on the works and pedagogy of the late Verne Reynolds. Camacho and French are horn professors at Western Washington University and Grand Canyon University, respectively.

ASU horn DMA graduate Derek Wright was a semi-finalist in the professional division of the prestigious 2015 International Horn Competition of America. Wright is presently a very active hornist in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

Watch the Horn Choir Perform
The ASU Horn Choir will perform again in the fall on a Brass Area recital, this year on October 28. Until then feel free to check out these videos of past performances:

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Check us out at Current and former students, and really anyone interested in horn at ASU, are welcomed to become fans.

Website Envy...
Be sure to also check out the ASU Trombone Studio website and the ASU Tuba-Euphonium Studio website; both are excellent resources and give another view of study in the brass studios at Arizona State..

Coming soon...
Later this semester two Wagner tubas will be used for our performance of The Rite of Spring! More on that then...

ASU Mellophones Rule
In 2009 the Arizona State University Sun Devil marching band was the largest in Arizona, with nearly 400 members and a line of 22 mellophones. In 2010 however we smashed this record number with a line of 35 mellophones and we smashed it again in 2011 with a line of 42 mellos! In 2012 we were back to a line of 35 mellophones, but it was in 2013 the largest section in the entire band and had over 40 members for 2014! 2015 finds large numbers of players again with a section of 35 players. It is great to see middle brass playing is alive and well! Also note: it is not required at present to be in marching band in any degree program at ASU, horn students are not required to march and only two members of the studio are marching this year. But proud to note that horn studio member Kaylea Payne is a 2015 drum major, the second one in recent years from the horn studio.

Updated 2/7/2016

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