Jinxue (Gene) Zhang


Phone: (480)395-3328
Email:  jxzhang at         

I am now a Fraud Engineer at Uber. My CV is here; LinkedIn profile is here; GitHub link is here.

I graduated from School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering (ECEE) at Arizona State University at May 2016. I was fortunate to work with  Prof. Yanchao Zhang and other members in CNSG@ASU.  I got M.E. in Software Engineering from Tsinghua University at 2011 and B.E. in Communication Engineering from Nanjing University at 2006, both from China.

Research Interests at Ph.D. Phase

I was focusing on tackling digital-world security, privacy, abuse/fraud problems by large-scale measurement and big-data analysis, insightful algorithm design and theoretical analysis, concrete system implementation, and comprehensive experimental-evaluation. The finished projects include investigating the impact and the countermeasure of social botnets, sybil-resilient influence measurement, uncovering the Twitter users in a specific area, inferring the user age in microblogging services, and privacy-preserving profile-matching for mobile social networks. My research root in large-scale data analysis, machine learning, graph theory, and system design/implementation.


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  12. Rui Zhang, Jinxue Zhang, Yanchao Zhang, Jinyuan Sun, and Guanhua Yan.  Privacy-preserving profile matching for proximity-based mobile social networking. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC'12), Special Issue on Emerging Technologies, 2012 [PDF]

Professional Activities

  • Journal Reviews
    • IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (TWC), IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering
  • Conference Reviews
    • WCNC 2017, SDM 2016, CNS 2016|2015|2014, AsiaCCS 2015, MobiHoc 2015, WiSec 2015, PerCom 2015, Infocom 2015|2014, ICNP 2014, TrustCol 2014, GlobeCom 2014, ICDCS 2014, NDSS 2013, MASS 2013, ICC 2013, WASA 2012


  • Hiking. I highly enjoy the harmony with the nature. Some sites that I have hiked are listed by locations as follows: 
    • United States: Yosemite, Flagstaff, Canyon Lake, Sedona, A-Mountain near ASU, Prescott
    • China:  The Great Wall, Fragrance Hill, The Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail, Tzu-chin Mountain
  • Jogging, Mathron. I finished the Beijing 2010 Marathon with 4h16m46s, and the Beijing 2008 half-Marathon with 1h49m. I usually go to gym 3 times a week
  • PingPong, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Music.  I like the concordance from inner heart with wonderful music, such as New Age music (e.g. Bandari) and pop music (e.g. Top 100 at BillBoard)