Keith W. Kintigh - Professor & Associate Director, School of Human Evolution & Social Change

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Current and Recent Courses
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ASB 335 Prehistory of the Southwest (i-course Fall 2013, in person Fall 2014)
ASM 565 Quantitative and Formal Methods in Archaeology (Spring 2014)
ASB 568 Space in Archaeology in Archaeology (Spring 2014)
Quantitative: Planning Archaeological Infrastructure for Integrative Science (NSF)
         Grand Challenges for Archaeology (American Antiquity, long version; PNAS short version)
         DevelopingtDAR the Digital Archaeological Record (NSF)
         Digital Antiquity: Enabling and Enhancing Preservation and Access to Archaeological Information (Mellon Foundation, Current)
         The Promise and Challenge of Archaeological Data Integration (pdf; NSF Planning Grant report)
Field: 2004 ASU Summer Archaeological Field School, El Morro Valley, New Mexico School 
         2004 SAA Poster: Community Formation and Migration in the 13th Century El Morro Valley, New Mexico
         Interpreting the Prehistory of Lyman Lake State Park (pdf; developed collaboratively with the Hopi tribe)
         Legacies on the Landscape Agua Fria National Monument, Arizona (pdf; ASU Research magazine)
Useful Information
Applying to Graduate School in Archaeology SAA Archaeological Record 4(3): 9-12, (May 2004; pdf)
Notes on Quantatitive Analysis and Writing in Archaeology  SAA Archaeological Record 5(4):33-35 (Sept. 2005; pdf)
  Kintigh: Writing Archaeology: Analyses and Archaeological Argumentation
  Cowgill: Things to Remember About Statistics - (Whatever Else You Forget)
Summary of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) (pdf)
Kintigh's Archaeological Software Package: Tools for Quantitative Archaeology (not an ASU web site)





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