ASB 223 - Buried Civilizations of the Americas - Keith W. Kintigh


If You Are Interested - Not for Credit

An archaeologist by the name of John Rick has conducted fieldwork at the Peruvian site of Chavin de Huantar for the past two years. As part of his research, he has created a web site to share his findings. You can use his web site to familiarize yourself with an archaeological site, and to get a feel for the kinds of information archaeologists have available to answer questions about human behavior. The centerpiece of the Chavin web site is a series of twenty-six 360-degree panoramic pictures of the site; you can use these to view the site as if you were standing on it.

After viewing the web site, think about the discussion questions that it presents (you can print the page of questions using the PRINT icon at the top of the "Discussion" screen). There is no "right" answer to any of these questions. However, as you think about them, be sure to consider how the evidence, the characteristics of the site of Chavin, support your particular interpretations.

To be able to use the Chavin Web Site, you need to load a program called "Real Space Plug-in". This will enable you to load and view 360-degree photos. Follow the instructions below to load this program: (you can check to see if a classmate has already loaded the necessary Plugin by clicking the START button and dragging to PROGRAMS. If you see a program called "Real Space Viewer", skip the following directions, open the Web page and begin the assignment). If the Real Space viewer is not there, you may find it helpful to print these instructions out as using your browser's File; Print command.

  1. open Netscape Communicator OR open the ASB222 Web Page and go to WebLinks
  2. open the Web address (
  3. scroll down the first page of the Web site and click on the red words "Click here"
  4. click on the red words "Real Space"
  5. scroll down the screen until you see the heading "Image Viewers (plugins)" and click on green words "Real Space Viewer"
  6. click on green words "Windows 95/NT or Power Macintosh, depending on whether you are using a Mac or a PC
  7. enter your name and email address (real or fictitious), then click the "Download Software" button
  8. click the "Continue" button
  9. click the green words "Real Space Viewer Plug-in (core only, 300K)"
  10. under the heading "Download sites for the RealSpace Viewer (core only, 300K)", click "Download Site 1" (or 2, it doesn't matter)
  11. when the SAVE AS window appears, double click on the C: drive, then double click on the following folders in this order: Program Files; Netscape; Communicator; Program; Plugins click SAVE
  12. leave Netscape open and double click on the MY COMPUTER icon, then double click on the following folders: Program Files; Netscape; Communicator; Program; Plugins; rsview2_win.exe (you may have to scroll to the right of the screen to find rsview2_win.exe)
  13. when you double clicked on rsview2_win.exe, this started installation of the Plugin. Click NEXT through all of the prompts until installation is complete
  14. close the MY COMPUTER window
  15. close NETSCAPE and open it again (it will now load up with the Real Space Viewer Plugin)
  16. open the CHAVIN web page ( you can now begin experimenting with the Web site to complete the assignment. (Note: You can also get to the web page from kintigh's home page under ASB 222; Web Links.


NOTE that there is text accompanying each picture at the bottom left of the screen (scroll down to read the text). There is also a plan map at the bottom right of the screen - you can click dots on this map to view new 360-degree pictures. There is also a gallery of artfacts you'll want to take a look at.