Strategic Decision Making Spreadsheets

You can obtain the Excel spreadsheets presented in Strategic Decision Making: Multiobjective Decision Analysis with Spreadsheets from this page in either of the two ways listed below. (The bibliographic citation for this book is Craig W. Kirkwood, Strategic Decision Making: Multiobjective Decision Analysis with Spreadsheets, Duxbury Press, Belmont, CA, 1997, ISBN 0-534-51692-0.

These spreadsheets are in dual Excel 97 and 5.0/95 format and should work properly with almost any version of Excel.

  1. Press here to download the zip archive (146,876 bytes) containing all the spreadsheets listed below.
  2. Download each of the separate spreadsheets listed below. Depending on how your web browser is configured, it may automatically start Excel and load the spreadsheet into Excel. If this happens, save the spreadsheet under the appropriate name. If the browser does not automatically start Excel, then it will ask you what name you want to save the file under. After the file is downloaded,you can start Excel to access it.

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Last updated October 8, 2012.