System Dynamics Methods: A Quick Introduction

This 125 page set of notes provides a quick introduction to system dynamics methods using business examples. Vensim notation is used, and free versions of Vensim can be downloaded for instructional use from Ventana Systems, Inc. A quick reference and tutorial for Vensim can be downloaded from the ASU system dynamics resources page. This document is formatted for two-sided printing, and the blank pages at the end of some chapters are intentional so that new chapters will start on right-hand pages.

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The document can be downloaded in either of two forms:

  1. Download System Dynamics Methods: A Quick Introduction which is a zip archive (, 1,625,145 bytes) that contains the Preface/Table of Contents, and Chapters 1 through 9 as separate PDF files.

  2. Download the Preface/Table of Contents and each chapter as a separate PDF file. To download a particular item, right-click on it below and select the browser option "Save as" to save the file. The files are in Adobe PDF, and can be displayed or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from Adobe Systems Incorporated. Note: When you print from Acrobat Reader, uncheck the option “Fit to page” on the Print dialog to increase the size of the printed type.

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