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This web site provides resources related to system dynamics. When you print from Adobe Reader set "Page Scaling" to "None" on the Print dialog to print full size. Otherwise, some documents will print slightly smaller on some printers.

  1. Sample course outline
  2. Support materials for the beer game production-distribution exercise
  3. Business Process Analysis Workshops: System Dynamics Models. System dynamics simulation models that illustrate analysis methods.
  4. New Product Dynamics: Illustrative System Dynamics Models. Introduction to system dynamics models of new product market dynamics based on word-of-mouth models.
  5. System Dynamics Methods: A Quick Introduction. Introduction to system dynamics methods using business examples.
  6. Systems Thinking: Managing the White Spaces in an Organization. Eight introductory overheads.
  7. Vensim PLE Quick Reference and Tutorial. Reference for Vensim PLE, Version 5.4d, including short tutorials on using Vensim PLE to construct causal loop diagrams, stock-and-flow diagrams, and simulation models.
  8. Related web site: System Dynamics Society

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