Audition Requirements: Violin (Live or taped)

Undergraduate applicants

1.       Admission to MUP 111 (All MAJORS except performance)

Scales:   Two (2) major and one (1) minor 3 octave scales and arpeggios of your choice

Etudes:  One (1) etude at the level of MAZAS, Op. 36, Book I

One (1) selection or movement at the level of difficulty of any MOZART Concerto or

Viotti Concerto No. 23


2.       Admission to MUP 127 (Performed Major)

One (1) movement of an unaccompanied Bach sonata

One (1) movement of a concerto or sonata from the Classical, Romantic, or 20th Century

at the level of difficulty of:

Scales:   Three (3) majors and minor scales and arpeggios in three octaves of your choice

Graduate applicants: Master of Music

Doctor of Musical Arts

The DMA program is reserved for outstanding students who wish to pursue advanced performance studies and/or a career in the academic world.

The audition for the DMA program is much more comprehensive than those for the undergraduate and masters programs. A significant amount of playing is required, and you should expect to either hire an accompanist from a list of players I can provide, or bring your own. (The cost of this can be greatly reduced if you use one of the local pianists, and should only involve a single rehearsal and the audition. Remember that we are interested in hearing you, not your pianist, but the use of an accompanist is highly recommended). Please discuss your audition repertoire with Dr. McLin prior to scheduling an audition. An audition may be scheduled either during an official audition day or a person audition may be arranged at a mutually agreeable date and time. These auditions normally require you to prepare approximately 45 minutes of muisc, from all periods. A committee of members of the wind faculty will hear your audition. All of the details, plus more information about requirements for the DMA degrees are outlined in a booklet provided to applicants from the School of Music. Call the main office at 480-965-3371 to receive your copy.