Fees and Scholarships

The cost of study at ASU can be figured from the following table, which is published in the Fall 1999 Schedule of Classes (subject to change after action by the State Legislature). These figures represent the cost of one semester of study:

 Semester Hours Arizona Resident Tuition Non-Resident Tuition
1  $115 $389
 2 230 778
 3 345 1,167
 4 460 1,556
 5 575 1,945
 6 690 2,334
 7 1,094 2,723
 8 1,094 3,112 
 9 1,094 3,501
 10 1,094  3,890
 11 1,094  4,279
 12+ 1,094  4,670

Applied lesson fees are not included in the above amounts, nor are other student fees charged according to your individual activities and electives. 1/2 hour of private music instruction per week is an additional $40 per term; 1 or more hours of private instruction per wee is an additional $60 per term.

Many string performance majors are awarded Regents' Activity Scholarships through the University Symphony Bands. These merit-based awards are determined by your audition to the School of Music, and can range from lesson fees to full tuition.

There are also many opportunities for funding outside the School of Music available from both private and public sources. There is a web-page that is maintained by the people who handle these scholarships, and you can begin that search here.